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From Onboarding to Coaching, The Perk Communicates Through AirDeck

The Perk is a premier Leadership and Team Coaching, Training, and Development firm. With their team of Organizational Trust Experts, their goal is to build a world in which everyone wakes up inspired and excited about life; feels included, connected, activated, and celebrated at work; and returns home fulfilled at the end of the day.

The Challenges

Video conference on laptop with six people

With coaching and training at the heart of their business, it’s important for The Perk to foster authentic connections with their audiences.

But even with videoconferencing available at the click of a button, it’s not always the best option. Simply sharing a screen with a PowerPoint slide can be clunky and unengaging. And while adding video to presentations may have seemed like another viable option, The Perk team found that that, too, was falling short of their needs.

The Perk is all about delivering coaching and training that will take teams’ trust and performance from good to exceptional—but they needed the right tools to help them best deliver their message.

To tackle these challenges, The Perk needed a presentation platform that could keep pace with their innovative coaching and training techniques.

The AirDeck Solution

To level up their presentation capabilities to match their coaching and training prowess, The Perk turned to AirDeck.

A document narration platform that enables teams to deliver personalized content at scale, AirDeck is a powerful all-in-one solution that helped The Perk breathe new life into sales, onboarding, training, and coaching.

For The Perk team, the all-star AirDeck feature was the voice-over capabilities. This was a key factor in allowing the team to improve their ability to personally connect with their clients–even through virtual presentations.

AirDeck also makes easy editing possible, which is a must-have for The Perk team. Enabling teams to duplicate, add, rearrange, delete, and edit slides at will, AirDeck empowers users to make their content reusable, so they can continue delivering strong presentations again and again without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

With AirDeck’s simple but impactful features, The Perk was empowered to spend less time clicking around creating their content and more time delivering on coaching and training.

How It Worked

By using AirDeck to redefine their presentations, The Perk was able to overcome each of their pain points.

Voice-Over Capabilities

Before using AirDeck, The Perk was struggling with uploading videos to their presentations.

With AirDeck, they could easily transition to voice-over narration for slides to deliver presentations with high-level personalization and none of the uploading struggles. Now The Perk can easily add audio narration (or video narration) to their entire slide deck, a single slide, or a select few to optimize their presentations for their unique coaching and training needs.

Streamlined Editing

After adding voice-over narration to their slides, The Perk team can then edit their presentations on a whim to tweak them as much as they need, now or later.

One-click access to AirDeck presentations makes editing a breeze for any team members who are working on the project. For example, for small changes, The Perk can use AirDeck to just replace an individual slide for a quick update. They can also transfer one slide and/or audio clip from one presentation to the next, giving them the power to slice up presentations as needed to get the custom mix they need.

Reusable Content

Supreme editing capabilities mean The Perk team can leverage AirDeck to create evergreen content that they can edit and reuse again and again.

For example, by offering easy deck duplication, AirDeck enables The Perk to effortlessly replicate and then tweak older content. By taking advantage of AirDeck’s streamlined and efficient duplication process, The Perk team can smartly reuse old content so they don’t have to start from zero every time they create a presentation. This means they can still get the powerful results they want—in half the time.

The Results

With AirDeck as their new tool for creating slide decks, The Perk was able to overcome all their presentation challenges to yield new gains for sales, trainings, coachings, and onboardings.

For sales, AirDeck proved a secret weapon in helping The Perk team prospect. Narrated slides help The Perk walk prospective clients through a proposal or a one-pager, without compromising on content or personality.

AirDeck proved equally powerful for trainings. By creating recorded trainings for their clients with audio and video narration, The Perk can use AirDeck to take e-learning beyond a simple PowerPoint deck. Likewise, audio narration also proves itself valuable when it comes to The Perk’s coaching. Walking clients through homework gains a new level of sophistication and efficiency when it’s set to the tune of AirDeck narrated slides.

With diverse options for document narration (whether it’s audio or video), AirDeck is a powerful means for communication—and for The Perk, it’s become their primary means of communication. From walking clients through new documents when onboarding to delivering new messages with video content, creating and distributing content has never been easier for The Perk.

The Future with AirDeck

The Perk’s mission is to help operationalize and scale teams’ trust in a way that’s effective, sustainable, and high impact. With AirDeck, they are now outfitted with the tools to take their communication to the next level, with narrated slides and video content that are easy to create and easy to understand.

From onboarding to coaching to training, AirDeck will continue to play an integral part in The Perk’s communication, from A to Z.

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