Product Update: AirDeck New Features for August 2021

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Welcome back to another game-changing AirDeck update! This update focuses mainly on Integrations and Notifications, along with a hefty bunch of bug fixes.

Integrations – TEAMS only

You heard right, this update is bringing long-awaited integrations to AirDeck. Not only can you already connect your email inbox to AirDeck, TEAMS users can now create integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Every user can create integrations on a personal level, while AirDeck TEAMS admins can create integrations to receive an overview of the whole team.


With the new Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, AirDeck TEAMS users can set up instant notifications for every view, click, and contact created, as well as daily and weekly reports of deck performance. Mix and match notifications how you want – set up email notifications for your daily reports, receive a notification on Slack every time a viewer opens your deck, and more! AirDeck TEAMS users will be able to set up notifications on email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, while Business users will only be able to access email notifications.

That’s not all: this release comes with a slew of quality-of-life bug fixes and enhancements.

Additional bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Uploader enhancement
  • Slide action menu rework
  • Deck tile and UI menu updates
  • “Time viewed” in reports now includes time viewed even if the slide isn’t advanced
  • “Transfer slide” is now “Move copy of slide”
  • Email entry error fix
  • Actions/edit menu added to default links in share menu
  • Copy link & thumbnail now includes a hyperlinked deck title
  • Added cancel button and automatic timeout when uploading decks
  • Recording tool now hidden on link creation
  • Slides can now be highlighted in the Sorter view to determine where additional slides are placed
  • And more!

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