Product Update: AirDeck New Features for July 2021

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We’re back this month for another awesome AirDeck update! Some of our newest updates include:

  • Enhanced Uploads
  • Reporting & Dashboard Improvements (TEAMS only)
  • Additional bug fixes

Enhanced Uploads

You asked for it, we delivered. We’ve enhanced the uploading process to be quicker, easier, and more powerful than before. Upload with confidence and the progress bar will show exactly where your deck is at in the process. And you no longer need to stay on the page while it’s working. Give it a try and see how blazing fast the new uploader works.

Reporting & Dashboard Improvements (TEAMS only)

The TEAMS dashboard is in full swing with brand new User Performance Analytics. Check out the data of each user on your account, including overall deck views, unique views for each deck, and total engagement time. For a deeper dive, access the analytics for each individual deck on any user’s account!

Additional bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Logo updates
  • Autoplay settings fix
  • Minor dashboard graphic alignment fix
  • Merged decks default links fix
  • New default deck for new users
  • And more!

Interested in trying out AirDeck TEAMS?

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