Product Update: AirDeck New Features for Mid-August 2021

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The AirDeck team has been hard at work to release the second update of this month! This release is focused on Video Embeds, Video Player Quality of Life Updates, and an all-new HubSpot Integration.

Video Embeds

Adding video to your decks is easier than ever with the all new Embed Video option! Simply add in a link to any Vimeo or YouTube video to embed it in your deck, with support for more platforms coming soon.

Video Player Quality of Life Updates

We’ve been hard at work this month to upgrade the quality of our video player. Check out the full list of improvements below:

  • Video quality upgrade – videos are now a higher quality than before!
  • Video overlay (PIP) movement – drag and drop your video overlay exactly where you want it.
  • Custom thumbnails – upload the perfect thumbnail for your video.
  • More to come soon!

HubSpot Integration – TEAMS only

Contacts and their viewer activity can now be automatically saved to your HubSpot account! AirDeck TEAMS admins can set up this integration from the TEAMS settings page with just a few clicks.

Additional bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Added “Edit” and “Delete” buttons to integrations
  • Added banner to indicate time remaining in free trial
  • Graphics updated on expired link page
  • Time zone is now shown when selecting time for custom link expiration
  • “View survey results” button added to deck tiles and in sorter menu
  • “View details” button in email notifications now take you to the relevant information
  • Grammar/typo fixes
  • And more!

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