Product Update- December 2020

New user interface, tagging, slide transfer, & multi-select

This release comes with all sorts of updates and feature releases to help you do your best work, without slowing you down. Here’s what’s new:

Your new Navigation Sidebar

Breeze through your portal with our navigation sidebar and updated user interface. Easily view all of your decks, edit content, or check presentation views on the reporting hub.

Automatic presentation Mode

The updated player will now automatically go into presentation mode and hide the UI after a few seconds in fullscreen view. Viewers can watch their content distraction free!

Organize content with Tags

Now you can organize your decks using tags. Add custom tags to easily filter your decks and find your content fast!

Transfer slides between decks

Use content on multiple slides with slide transfer. Want to use a slide in another deck? No need to re-upload or re-record your audio. Simply transfer your slide and audio to the deck of your choice, or start a whole new deck.

Multi-select & group actions

Quickly perform group actions across multiple slides or decks with our Multi-selection tool. Hide, delete, or duplicate multiple slides or decks at the same time. Tag a group of decks to quickly organize. Or transfer a group of slides to a new deck to customize.

Watch our tutorial to see it in action:

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