4 Easy Ways to Re-Engage Customers with Audio Narration

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Learn four easy ways to re-engage with customers, family, and friends using AirDeck Audio Narration. A personal touch goes a long way!

Microphone and MacBook computer

How to Use Audio Narration to Connect with Customers and Friends

Over the years, plenty has been written and documented about the best ways to communicate with others. But whether or not you’re trying to engage someone in business or your personal life, everyone agrees that a personal touch is the best and only way to be effective.

How much time do you spend each day trying to warm a cold lead? Need to send Mom a birthday greeting? Think about how she’d like it best.

Interestingly, we’ve discovered our users use AirDeck audio narration features in exciting ways to reconnect with others. And in every case, it’s worked extremely well.

It’s one thing to send a simple card to someone thanking them for supporting your organization. But wouldn’t it be better to attach an audio thank you with your well-designed card?

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To take your communication with others to the next level, consider audio narration. And read on to learn four tips on how to use audio narration with AirDeck to do it.

1. Warm a Cold Lead Who Has Little Interest or Awareness in Your Brand

Warm a cold lead by adding audio narration to a presentation deck, PDF, or another document. Sending a personal message using audio narration is an an effective way to re-engage customers.

Consider saying the following in your audio narration to re-engage customers:

  • You want to revisit your earlier conversation
  • Ask if you can provide assistance or how you can be of service
  • Answer their questions or ask if they fave questions

An audio narration may also include further insight into why you believe your company would get the job done. Either way, make it engaging. And remember to provide a call to action, so your prospect can respond.

2. Send a Personal Greeting to Friends and Family

Sending a personal greeting to friends and family is a fantastic way to use the AirDeck audio narration tool.

Adding a personal greeting for a holiday or birthday makes for a personal touch and goes a long way in improving your relationships with those you care about.

Simply create a presentation or PDF card and upload it into AirDeck. Then add your voice narration and send it on its way.

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3. Follow up After an Important Meeting

There are times when you need to revisit a meeting with some notes or thoughts. And while it’s easy enough to send a simple document to a client or coworker, adding audio narration makes for an even better presentation.

You can reiterate specific thoughts you shared during the meeting and reinforce important points. You could also use audio narration to flesh out bullet points that may seem somewhat difficult to understand.

In addition, use audio narration in follow-ups to connect with others. For example, offer good luck for a daughter’s basketball game or tell them to have an excellent time on vacation. A little personal touch goes a long way.

4. Say Thank You with a Personal Audio Message

Whether it’s business or personal, a thank you to others goes a long way. But instead of sending a simple note or card, consider including an audio narration with it.

An audio thank you allows you to be more descriptive and personal. It also helps you create a stronger connection with the recipient. Remember, a thank you goes a long way!

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