How to Export Your Data

How to
Benefits of exporting your data As part of our new AirDeck TEAMS plan, you have the ability to export data from AirDeck. The raw data can be exported into a CSV or XLSX file. This allows you to gather all of the data from AirDeck to compare engagement or download…
AirDeck new share menu

How to Create & Share Custom Links in AirDeck

How to
Step-by-Step Instructions to Create and Share Custom Deck Links 1.) Click the share icon on your deck. 2.) Click the “Share via link” button.   3.) Give your link a title and select the options you want to enable, then select Create Link. 4.) Copy your custom link from the…
AirDeck email editor

How to Share Your AirDeck via Email

How to
How does sending emails this way benefit you? Now that your email is connected to AirDeck, you can share your presentation directly via your email. This allows you to control how your email is sent, customize your message, and track the emails you send to your customers and prospects. Step-by-Step…

How to Connect Your Email in AirDeck

How to
Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Connect Your Email in AirDeck 1.) Click the profile circle in the lower left corner of your page and select “My Profile.” 2.) Select the email provider you’d like to connect in AirDeck. 3. Select Continue. 4. Choose the email account you’d like to connect…

Product Update: AirDeck New Features for June 2021

Product Updates
Our team has been busy over the past few months continuing to improve the AirDeck platform. We’re excited to share our latest updates that include: Improved Sharing Tools Unique Link Generation Gmail & Outlook Integration Data Export Functionality Improved Sharing Tools The deck share menu has been completely reworked to…

3 Tools to Help You Work With PDFs Online

Tips, Resources
PDFs can be tricky to edit. And don’t even get us started with the hassle it takes to convert or reformat your PDF into another file type. Worse yet, in some cases, you may be forced to reformat and interact with PDFs in software living on your computer that doesn’t…

4 of the Best Free Online Presentation Tools

Tips, Resources
It’s no secret that presentation tools are everywhere. And although they all promise to deliver outstanding performance, choosing one isn’t so simple. Still, the choice is important: the presentation tool you use determines how your presentation looks, how it functions, and how your audience responds to it. But rather than…

4 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives

Tips, Resources
Microsoft’s PowerPoint has long been the go-to option for companies and consumers who want to create presentations. And why not? It’s easy to use, comes with a host of templates, and if you want to export your presentation to a PDF, PowerPoint can help you get it done quickly. But…

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