AirDeck Presentation Platform Partners with Gather Voices

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Madison, Wisconsin, September 25th, 2020 – AirDeck, Inc., an online presentation platform that creates narrated presentations, announces the company’s partnership with online video platform Gather Voices. AirDeck is an online platform that creates narrated presentations that can be shared on-demand. AirDeck is used to create, distribute, and track slideshows, such…

Sharing PowerPoint Online with a Link

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Sharing PowerPoints online with AirDeck is a great way to make sure your files get where they need to be. Easily send your presentations to any viewer, make changes on the fly, and even check out viewer activity by sharing your PowerPoints as an AirDeck presentation. Why should I share…

SlideShare Alternative – Why AirDeck Outperforms SlideShare

With the recent offloading of SlideShare to Scribd, it’s safe to say that SlideShare is a dying platform – if not already dead. Nearly every featured post is years old, and out of 70 million registered users, only 13 thousand (at the time of this blog) have viewed the official…

How to Voice Over PowerPoint to Impress Your Audience

Slideshow presentations are a staple in the world of speeches, demos, and sales. PowerPoints are almost always a necessity when explaining a concept – but what happens when you’re not able to present it live? Adding voice-over PowerPoint in AirDeck is a key way to elevate your presentation and make…

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

In the new world of remote work and online learning, creating quality PowerPoint presentations is more important than ever before. There are just some things that videos share better than any other media – so in this article, we’re going to show you a simple way to embed a YouTube…

How to Screen Share AirDeck on Zoom Calls

AirDeck is perfect for on-demand content – that’s why we love it! However, sometimes nothing can beat an in-person presentation. Here’s a simple guide on how you can combine the best of both worlds by screen sharing AirDeck on a live call. Why Should I Screen Share? One of the…

AirDeck vs. Adobe Spark Comparison Guide

We’re often asked what makes us different from other content creation platforms like Adobe Spark. We’re here to walk you through the key differentiators between AirDeck and Adobe Spark and help you make a decision for what’s best for your team. Feature Comparison: AirDeck vs. Adobe Spark Key Differentiators of…
Perfect Audio

How to create professional-sounding audio

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Want to know how to create professional sounding audio for your AirDeck presentation? We make it easy for you to choose what option works best for you, whether that’s recording your audio slide by slide, uploading your audio from an external source, or hiring professional voice actors to record voice-overs…

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