Save Time and Be More Efficient and Effective With Your Onboarding

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Let’s face it: No matter how good you are at the game, getting customers onboarded successfully (and ready to buy the many products and/or services your company offers) isn’t always easy.

It’s likely that your target audience is already bombarded by an onslaught of different presentations on a regular basis. With so many voices in the crowd, it can be hard to stand out and share your message in a way that’s both enticing and informative.

The AirDeck solution is all about helping you save time and be more efficient and effective with your onboarding so both you and your customers can reach new heights. Here’s how it works:

Create More Engaging Content

Onboarding is a critical phase of the customer journey, and it can often make or break your relationship with new customers. Your presentation is certainly not the only one they’ve seen or will see, so finding new ways to stand out and get their attention (and then hold onto it) is paramount.

Unlike PowerPoint presentations, where it’s all too easy for customers’ eyes to start glazing over halfway through the slide deck, AirDeck empowers you to create vibrant, engaging content that hooks your customer from phase one of onboarding.

Instead of clicking through lifeless slides, your customers will be energized by the interactive content you can give them with AirDeck. With AirDeck’s features, you can engage customers with a unique audio- and video-based experience that they won’t get from anyone else.

It’s these stand-out qualities that will help you separate from the pack, so when you’re ready to onboard and educate your customers, you can be sure you’ve got their attention.

Reach More People At Once

It’s a no-brainer that creating more engaging content helps you onboard new customers more effectively. But AirDeck lets you level up your content in tandem with time-saving gains.

To make onboarding processes more efficient, teams can also leverage AirDeck to rapidly scale their content. It starts with building a single, highly-compelling presentation. Record your audio narration just once—and then share it with every customer you have. This gives your customers the liberty to view your presentation on their own timetable, whenever and wherever they want, and as many times as they want.

Because AirDeck enables you to effectively deliver your presentations without having to be present in person or even in a Zoom call, you can reach dozens of customers at once. This means you can have touchpoints with scores of customers in the time it would normally take you to schedule a call with and present to just one.

With the power to scale your message more efficiently, you can use AirDeck to do more in less time, adding hours back in your day for more pressing onboarding tasks.

Improve Over Time with Tracking Analytics

Creating content that’s more effective at capturing your audience’s attention and saving time from start to finish are key components in improving your customer onboarding. AirDeck further empowers you to take your onboarding to the next level by providing the tools to analyze your presentations so you can improve over time.

AirDeck is a fully-trackable solution, which means you can not only create powerful presentations but also measure their specific impact. For example, after you send your presentation to new customers, you can track how they’re engaging with your content in real-time so you can see: when they opened it; how many times they viewed it; which slides they viewed the most, etc.

With on-demand access to these powerful insights, you can tweak and sculpt your presentation, strengthening your content based on real viewer activity for results that get more and more effective over time.

Achieving seamless customer onboarding is a dance, challenging you to balance both time and resources without sacrificing results. With AirDeck, your team will be empowered to create more engaging content that delivers visible, trackable results so you can effectively onboard more customers in less time.

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