Zoom Presentation: How to Share AirDeck in Zoom

Share AirDeck in Zoom Presentation

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Share your Zoom presentation in real-time. Learn how to screen share your AirDeck presentation on Zoom with this step-by-step quick guide.

Share AirDeck in Zoom Presentation

How to Share Airdeck in Zoom

Zoom has quickly become the mainstream platform to hold your business meetings. And in an ever-growing number of cases, the meetings often feature presentations and screen sharing. Unfortunately, screen sharing may not be as engaging and interactive as you may like. And your audience can only see what you want them to see.

Wouldn’t it be great to let your audience view your presentation in real-time with you over Zoom? AirDeck not only lets your audience view your presentation with you, but it also allows you to send your presentation before or after the meeting and gives you the ability to track who viewed it, when they viewed it, and for how long.

With AirDeck, it’s as easy as sending a link in the Zoom chatbox. Not sure where to find the link or how to track who is viewing your presentation? Don’t fret: below, you will find a quick four-step guide on how to share AirDeck in Zoom.

1. Log Into Your AirDeck Video Presentation

Upload Decks User Interface

  • Log into your AirDeck account to access your AirDeck content.
  • After you log in, you will see a panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Click on the Decks option. This takes you to your deck of presentations.
  • Now, click the blue button with the paper airplane on the presentation you want to share.

2. Access AirDeck’s Presentation Sharing Options

AirDeck Presentation Sharing Options

You can share AirDeck presentations via email, social, or direct link. You can even embed your presentations on external websites and blogs. No attachments needed! Access AirDeck’s presentation sharing options with these steps:

  • Once you click the blue share button, you will see three options:
    • Copy the presentation link
    • Copy link and thumbnail
    • Send the presentation over email, by link, or embed
  • Click the Copy Link or Copy Link and Thumbnail button.

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3. Share Your Presentation in Zoom

Sharing AirDeck as Zoom Presentation

Once you have the link or link and thumbnail copied to your clipboard, it’s time to share your presentation in Zoom.

  • Open your Zoom meeting and click on the Chat button located on the bottom panel.
  • Once you have opened the chat box, send the link or link and thumbnail to everyone you want to access your AirDeck presentation.
  • If you only want to send the AirDeck link to a select group of people within your meeting, you can click on the Everyone option located at the bottom of the Chat box. Then, click on the name(s) you want to share the AirDeck content with.
  • All you need to do next is send the message with the AirDeck link attached.

4. Track Viewing Activity with AirDeck Reports

AirDeck Analytics Reports

The coolest part of sharing your AirDeck content through Zoom is its tracking feature.

Click the Reports option on the left side of your screen to open your reports. You can track viewing history and get immediate reports on who viewed your presentation, which slides they spent the most time on, and where they viewed it.

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