SlideShare Alternative – Why AirDeck Outperforms SlideShare

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With the recent offloading of SlideShare to Scribd, it’s safe to say that SlideShare is a dying platform – if not already dead. Nearly every featured post is years old, and out of 70 million registered users, only 13 thousand (at the time of this blog) have viewed the official SlideShare account’s post about their acquisition by Scribd. Unfortunately, it’s clear that SlideShare lacks features needed to keep presenters’ audiences engaged.

We love the idea of SlideShare, but over the years, it’s ended up falling short of its intended goals. Many people have moved on from the outdated platform already and are looking for alternatives. That’s where we come in! AirDeck is the best SlideShare alternative for uploading, sharing, and viewing slideshow presentations. Our software picks up where SlideShare left off, bringing you the best of both worlds. See the full list of AirDecks features.

What is AirDeck?

AirDeck is an online software platform for recording audio-narrated presentations. After uploading your slideshow, seamlessly record or upload audio over each slide, record videos from your device, or even add surveys. Share your content with just a click, and with viewer analytics, check out exactly who’s watching. AirDeck gives you the power to narrate, personalize, and track your content, all in one powerful platform.

5 Ways AirDeck Outperforms SlideShare

1. Media Rich Presentations

AirDeck Recorder User Interface

Each uploaded slideshow on AirDeck can include audio, video, and surveys alongside the slides. Instead of clicking your way through a silent PowerPoint, sit back and listen to your favorite presenters speak on auto-play. Watch interesting videos uploaded by experts, explore voice-narrated tutorials, and check out what other companies are up to by exploring the AirDeck Showcase.

For content creators, it’s simple to record media over your content right in the platform or upload existing files. With SlideShare, your only option for adding audio is to download external editing software, which can have a steep learning curve. AirDeck also makes it easy to both record and watch narrated presentations right from your browser.

2. All-In-One Platform

Moving slides in AirDeck Sorter user interface

With AirDeck, you can narrate and share your content using the same platform, as well as chat with your viewers. You have the ability to replace or update your slides at any time – even if your presentation is already live. Conveniently duplicate presentations, toggle visibility of slides, and customize your decks, all in the same place.

SlideShare requires that you delete and re-upload your content just to make an edit, completely removing all prior views, comments, and analytics.

AirDeck Chat Box

AirDeck’s chat feature is a one-on-one messaging system, preventing spam-filled comment sections. Each chat message requires your viewers’ name and email address, so you can respond to them live from the platform, or send them an email later.

3. Seamless Sharing

AirDeck Share Presentations User Interface

AirDeck presentations can be shared anywhere. With just a click, you can share any presentation to your social media, email, or even embed it on your blog. No need to worry about your recipient’s software compatibility either; AirDeck presentations are universal, so no matter what presentation software your viewer uses, they can check out your content without a hitch.

Only want certain people to view your slideshow? No problem! AirDeck allows you to add password protection to your content, keeping your decks safe and secure.

4. Viewer Analytics

AirDeck Summary Activity User Interface

With AirDeck analytics, you can easily see who’s watching your content. Review how long viewers spent on each slide, how many times it was watched, where your audience might have lost interest, and even their geographic location. Use gathered results to fine-tune your presentations with in-depth analytics and learn how to keep your audience engaged.

5. Effortless Navigation

AirDeck Customer Showcase Webpage

Let’s be honest, SlideShare has telltale signs of old age. The pages look cluttered, the search filters don’t work well, and nearly every presentation is full of spam comments. It’s extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for, especially if it’s new content.

With AirDeck, navigation is simple and clean, with regular updates to both the website and the platform to keep it that way. In our Showcase, every presentation is tagged with a suitable label, so you can be sure to view only the content that you’re interested in.

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