AirDeck provides unique and innovative solutions for virtually any industry or organization

Using AirDeck makes you stand out when sending presentations, pitch decks, on-demand wehinars, and training guides. Once you’ve used AirDeck’s creation studio, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

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Solutions for Education

Conduct your classroom lectures in real-time while recording your narration in AirDeck. Give your students the ability to instantly view your content as soon as class is over. Track every student video and even insert quizzes, polls, and surveys.

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Solutions for Sales Teams

Power up your outboard prospecting emails with an embedded audio-narrated introduction sales deck. Eliminate a ton of touchpoints in your sales process by allowing your prospects to hear you explain your initial presentation. Line up your audio presentations with AirDeck and start closing more deals.

AirDeck Board meeting in large office

Solutions for Board Meetings

Cut board meeting times in half. Send a narrated board presentation in advance of your meeting. AirDeck gives you the ability to verbally describe everything in your board presentation using audio recorded slides. Leave nothing to board member interpretation again.

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Solutions for On-demand Webinars

Live webinars are dead. We live in an on-demand world today. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and podcasts allow us to absorb content when it’s convenient for us. Most people do not have time to show up for live webinars anymore. Create flawless pre-recorded webinars that can be viewed around their schedule.

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Solutions for Thought Leadership

Build your online content faster than you ever have before. Upload your PowerPoint, PDF, or Keynote file and add narration to every slide individually. Then push your content out to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and your email list in one click. Attract new followers by building fresh content in minutes.

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Solutions for Employee Onboarding

Create custom employee onboarding guides for each new employee. Audio narrated presentations in AirDeck are lightyears ahead of creating videos or using paper materials. Customize only the slides you want to make employees feel that you built their welcome presentation just for them.

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Solutions for Online Training

Create online training guides in minutes using narrated slides and built-in surveys. Duplicate content and customize any new material instantly. Track every view, of every slide, from every indivual person. Save your survey data to analyze at any time.

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Solutions for Investors and Startups

Investors always want you to email them your pitch deck before taking a meeting. Why would you send a PowerPoint or PDF without narration? Sending a pitch without having the ability to guide an investor through your slides verbally is crazy. Record your narrated deck with AirDeck and make a lasting first impression.


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