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Do more with less without losing the personal touch your customers love

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Customer Success is at an inflection point. Teams must scale if they want to succeed, which cannot happen without systematic processes and automation. So, how can you scale in a consistent and effective way that doesn’t create extra work for your CSMs? AirDeck can help you create customized, asynchronous experiences that scale. Do more with less without losing the personal touch that your customers love.

Consistently Scale your Customer Success Efforts

Create async and scalable experiences:

If you scale your CS efforts, your customers still get consistent, great service even when your company grows or a team member leaves. With AirDeck, you can create one, high-quality presentation with audio and video narrations, surveys, and screen recordings. Then, use AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option, to keep your standard content in place but swap out a few select slides to customize. You can also record new audio narration where needed (like the intro). Give your customers instant access in one simple link and allow them to watch on their own time.

Ensure consistent, top-notch content:

When it comes to repetitive, duplicative tasks, it is almost impossible to manage quality across a large team. If your CS team is ill-equipped for any reason, then your customers will suffer. AirDeck serves as an organized, central hub for your content. Team members can collaborate on decks to create a library of consistent content to use for support, product, training, best practices, or onboarding resources. This ensures your team is aligned and delivers a consistent experience to customers.

Measure and track customer engagement:

We know access to the right data to make informed decisions is critical. AirDeck provides real-time engagement analytics so you have data on who is engaged, who isn’t, and what content performs best. With these powerful slide-by-slide insights, you can make informed decisions to tweak and sculpt your documents to improve engagement.

Don’t lose the personal touch:

A scalable async experience doesn’t need to mean losing the personal touch your customers crave. With AirDeck, you can use audio or video to personalize, add clarity, and create an instant connection with your audience. Whether it’s an onboarding presentation or product training, provide detailed context or a personalized intro in minutes.

Integrate with your favorite tools:

To ensure AirDeck is easy, quick, and intuitive to use, we made sure it integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools. Whether it’s your CRM, email, social, or messenger tool – you can connect it with AirDeck.

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