Solutions for HR Onboarding

Hiring and onboarding your talent has never been simple. And you know all too well the time and effort it takes to properly educate your new hires. AirDeck offers a better way — with scale.

Scaling your Hiring

Onboarding Done Right

Onboarding new hires can take time away from your most important tasks. Use AirDeck to create your onboarding presentation once, narrate it with audio and video, and share it with each new hire. You can see who viewed the presentation and easily track how well it’s training employees.

Scaling Your Education

Whether you’re actively hiring new talent or onboarding new employees only sparingly, AirDeck’s solution allows you easily scale your education across different offices and departments. Reduce your education time and convey the right message every time with AirDeck.

Saving You Time

We all know that HR professionals are actively engaged in a variety of tasks throughout the day and onboarding is just one of them. With AirDeck, you can offload your onboarding activities and save yourself valuable time to handle other tasks throughout the day.

Over 120+ Supported File Uploads

Regardless of your chosen format, you can use AirDeck to educate new employees on your company’s benefits and other critical information. Simply load your preferred document into AirDeck, narrate your presentation, and share it with each new hire.

Any Business, Any Role

AirDeck was built to be scalable in any business and for any position. Regardless of your industry, you can count on AirDeck to work in your business just the way you want it.

Success with AirDeck

Not just another video platform...

AirDeck is more than a video platform — we’re a document narration platform that helps you personalize content ranging from presentations, sales documents, and onboarding, to agreements and proposals.

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