Top Ways CSMs Can Save Time and Increase Efficiency

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The 2022 Customer Success Leadership Study by ChurnZero and ESG found that Customer Success (CS) teams want and need technology. However, less than half of CS teams have access to the appropriate infrastructure to deliver insights, increase efficiencies, drive revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

Customer Success is approaching an inflection point. Teams must scale if they want to succeed, which cannot happen without systematic processes and automation. So, how can your CS team scale in an effective way that doesn’t create a mountain of work for your CSMs? Let’s walk through the top ways AirDeck can help your team save time and increase efficiency.

Onboard new customers

The onboarding process is very time-consuming. You spend time creating the presentation, scheduling each individual meeting, then hosting them, and following up with your presentation materials. Onboarding is a great opportunity to scale.

With AirDeck, you can add audio and video narrations, surveys, and screen recordings to your content which provides a more engaging experience. Plus, you can personalize and scale this content in minutes. For example, create one, high-quality presentation. Then, use AirDeck’s slide-by-slide editing option, to easily keep your standard content in place but swap out a few select slides to make the presentation a custom fit for each customer. You can also record new audio narration where needed (like the intro and conclusion).

Give your customers instant access in one simple link and allow them to watch on their own time, whenever and wherever they want. This removes redundant meetings from your schedule. Now, your onboarding process is asynchronous and repeatable. This frees up your CS team to do other important tasks.

Check out our onboarding example below.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Most of your customers dread a quarterly business review (QBR) meeting. QBRs are historically too long, too formal, and don’t offer a lot of value. It’s time to change the QBR format so it saves everyone time.

As mentioned above, you can create custom QBR decks quickly with AirDeck. Keep your standard QBR content, swap out select slides to make a custom fit for each customer, and record new audio narration where needed. Then, send the link and allow your customers to watch on their time. No meeting needed.

After you send your QBR, you can track your customers’ activity in real-time to see how they’re engaging with your content. For example: When did they open your presentation? How many times did they view it? Which slides did they skip? Which did they view the most?

With AirDeck’s slide-by-slide analytics, you can understand your customer base to learn their unique interests. Then, use these key insights to tweak and perfect your future QBRs, sculpting it to your customers’ known tastes and preferences.

Check out our QBR example below.

Product release training

It’s important for your CS team to communicate major product updates and releases to customers especially if they impact user experience or product functionality. Product update emails or pop-up messages on your platform serve a purpose but they are easily missed and oftentimes lack context and clarity.

A great way to proactively communicate product changes is with AirDeck. Clearly communicate what a change will look like and how it will impact your customers. Add screenshots, screen recordings, audio, or video to your deck to explain and give context. Then, share your presentation asynchronously and check your slide-by-slide analytics to see how your message resonated. Follow-up with those who didn’t view your deck based on your real-time analytics.

These decks are great pieces of content to reference at later dates or link to in customer emails if a related product question pops up. The decks are also easy to customize and update for future product update communications.

Proactive touchpoints, follow-ups, and renewals

Your customers appreciate proactive communication. When you show up before a question or issue arises, it shows your customers you genuinely care and are there to help. CS teams have many customer touchpoints to manage from follow-ups, renewals, progress updates, and regular check-ins, it requires a lot of time.

When it comes to renewals, it’s really important to give your customers plenty of time to have internal discussions before their contract renewal deadline. But, it’s difficult to get all decision makers on a call and often those that attend the call need to share the information with a stakeholder.

A great way to alleviate these challenges is to add clarity to your presentation with audio or video, and send it asynchronously so your customer can share it with necessary stakeholders. This saves your customer time and allows you to send renewal information as early as you wish.

With AirDeck, you can easily reach out to your customer base to offer your help and support—but in a way that’s convenient for them. This makes your customers feel supported but not suffocated—which will definitely make you a brand that they’ll want to stick around with.

You can now make your proactive touch points asynchronous and easy to personalize and scale.

Reduce your workload and improve consistency

Scaling your CS team is integral to the success of your business. AirDeck helps you reduce your workload, improve consistency across your team, and strengthen customer relationships. Schedule a demo today to see how AirDeck can help your team save time and increase efficiency.

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