CareSmartz360 is designed to help users manage their home care agencies with an all-in-one home care software. Learn how CareSmartz360 uses AirDeck to create a large library of content, as well as edit and update that content on a regular basis.

CareSmartz360 Masters Content Creation and Development with AirDeck

CareSmartz360 is a home care technology company that is creating the most flexible, cost-effective software solutions to empower home care organizations and their operations to deliver quality care to seniors. With a complete suite of advanced cloud-based software and services, CareSmartz360 helps private-duty home care agencies to manage scheduling, automatic billing, caregiver recruitment, GPS-enabled clock-ins and clock-outs, integrated Medicaid billing, electronic visit verification, and day-to-day scheduling operations. CareSmartz360 uses AirDeck to create on-demand training guides and maintain a large content library.

The Challenge

An all-in-one home care software, CareSmartz360 is designed to help users manage their home care agencies. To communicate their message, CareSmartz360 is tasked with creating a large library of content — and then editing and updating that content on a regular basis.

Besides continuously editing and updating their content library, CareSmartz360 is also challenged with ensuring that this library is always readily available to anyone on the team who may need it.

While there may be a plethora of different editing platforms from which to choose, CareSmartz360 maintained an intense caveat: The program must be intuitive and user-friendly. But too many platforms confound teams with opaque instructions and numerous steps that eat into already busy workdays, slowing down time to finish and bruising productivity.

CareSmartz360 delivers one platform for all home care management needs; now, they need one platform to fulfill all their content creation needs.

To tackle the challenges of creating and editing content while still upholding ease of use, CareSmartz360 needed its own one-stop solution.

The AirDeck Solution

To create and edit content in a pain-free platform that their team could effortlessly intuit, CareSmartz360 turned to AirDeck.

An all-in-one powerful solution for document narration, AirDeck became the user-friendly platform for all their presentation needs.

A key feature of AirDeck that proved powerful for CareSmartz360 was the ability to quickly re-create and duplicate presentations. By duplicating presentations, users can — in just minutes — easily transform a tried-and-true presentation, then customize it for their new content needs. It just takes a few clicks to add, delete, rearrange, and edit slides with ease. Users can further manipulate their content by recording new bits of audio and/or video narration to add another layer of personalization.

AirDeck’s interface is simple, but the results are powerful, proving a game-changer for teams who are looking to create, edit, and personalize content on the fly.

How It Worked

By leveraging AirDeck to create new content, CareSmartz360 was able to overcome each of their pain points to build easily-editable presentations, without a difficult learning curve.

Easily Create, Edit, and Update Content

AirDeck presentations allow users to easily create, edit, and update content, from anywhere and at any time.

With quick access to editing, AirDeck empowers the CareSmartz360 team to make sure they can keep their large libraries of content always updated with the most accurate information. This is particularly useful for help and training materials, which CareSmartz360 can now edit on the fly.

For example, with just a click, the CareSmartz360 team can duplicate one of their go-to AirDeck presentations. Then they can easily update the presentation, swapping out targeted customer’s logos and information and even adding a different salesperson’s voice for an additional level of personalization. CareSmartz360 also uses AirDeck to take multiple decks and combine them into one single presentation. The team can easily pick and choose which slides to combine, so they can create new presentations without having to start from scratch every time.

AirDeck makes it easy for CareSmartz360 to create their own presentation templates, so they can create new content and update existing content whenever they need to, faster than ever before.

Eliminate Learning Curves

Perhaps, and most importantly, CareSmartz360 was able to realize these gains without weathering a steep learning curve.

Introducing new platforms to a team can be challenging. Often, different platforms are met with resistance, as learning new techniques (though usually beneficial in the long run) can be time-consuming up-front as teams get adjusted to updated workflows.

Because the AirDeck platform is intuitive and user-friendly, adoption was easy for the CareSmartz360 team. In a sea of so many options, AirDeck stands out for its simplicity and ease of use.

The Results

With AirDeck as their new tool for building presentations, CareSmartz360 was able to overcome each of their pain points, which resulted in significant advances for their content creation.

Chief among CareSmartz360’s recent AirDeck creations is the team’s new onboarding kit, which includes how-to videos for each training milestone. The CareSmartz360 team continues to use AirDeck to build its library of decks. Their goal is to replace ten live webinars per week by leveraging pre-recorded presentations, of which eight are content driven and two are Q&A sessions.

Such a busy schedule of content creation is now possible for the CareSmartz360 team, as they’re able to produce higher-quality content—and more of it—in a fraction of the time with AirDeck. AirDeck consistently saves their team 12-16 hours each week by eliminating 8 meetings that have since been replaced with on-demand content.

The Future with AirDeck

As CareSmartz360 continues to make headway in the home care industry, they’ll continue to leverage AirDeck to manage their demanding content creation needs.

From sales presentations to internal training materials to onboarding kits, it takes a lot of content to help a business effectively deliver its message, both internally and externally. Intuitively designed and easy to use, AirDeck will remain a valuable tool in helping CareSmartz360 to build and maintain its impressive library of content.

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"AirDeck saves us about 12-16 hours each week, spread over 8 meetings!"
James Merson
Chief Customer Officer

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