Learn how CODAworx uses AirDeck to power their virtual summit and connect with their community of artists.

AirDeck User Story featuring CODAworx

CODAworx is a global online community that celebrates design projects featuring commissioned artworks. CODAworx uses AirDeck to power their virtual summit and connect with their community of artists.

Powering CODA Summit

This year, we hosted a virtual summit with 25 sessions, 60 speakers, and sponsors. This required us to collaborate on, and present, a large amount of professional content across borders, time zones, and media. We had our artists pre-record AirDeck presentations and then share their screens through our video conference platform, which ensured that our live event ran smoothly. It helped our artists perfect their presentations ahead of time and avoided unnecessary technical issues by using pre-recorded content.

Connecting with our artists

AirDeck is an essential tool for us to connect with our artists through a variety of events and membership opportunities. In addition to CODA Summit, we use AirDeck to power our virtual event series, CODAhorizons, and our awards program, CODAawards, where members can publish their projects on our website. We used AirDeck to create a set of “how-to” instructions for artists to refer to when publishing projects on our site. It’s a time-saver for both staff and community members and allows us to form personal connections with our artists virtually.

Giving our artists a voice

Our artists use AirDeck to bring their work to life by walking us through their pieces with their voices. This brought a unique level of engagement to viewers and allowed the artists to tell us who they are and the story behind their art. The world is moving towards multidisciplinary, so to allow the artists to present their work on-demand through the power of their voice is extremely compelling and powerful.

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