Curvy Road

See how Curvy Road uses AirDeck to promote their corporate incentives and awards program.

Curvy Road uses AirDeck to introduce prospects to their corporate incentives and performance awards program.

Curvy Road

Curvy Road offers an alternative to ownership of exotic and high-end luxury automobiles, allowing shareholders to own driving rights to a portion of the vehicle throughout the year without the high costs and hassles associated an entire purchase.


Introduce clients to our performance award solutions

We use our 12 minute presentation to introduce prospects to our performance award solutions, especially prospects who are difficult to pin down for an initial in-person meeting, or open-ended Zoom meeting. The platform incorporates software our staff are already using, with a voice-over narration capability and dashboard that make it super easy to create any size on-demand presentation in minutes vs days. Updating is as easy as replacing a slide with a couple of clicks. That part is especially important to my company since we frequently add to & rotate inventory in our vehicle collection.

Reach a wider audience

We use a 90 second preview presentation to capture the imagination of a wider audience. Adding narration and video makes the content engaging. With easy sharing options through social media and a simple embed link, we can cast the net a little wider. And with tracking capabilities, we are able to uncover more leads and discover how our content is performing.

Create powerful investment pitches

We’re also planning to use a slightly different version to communicate our business metrics, projections, and new initiatives to our investor group. By adding a personal touch through our voice we are able to tell our story in a compelling way and walk investors through our value proposition.

Perfect your presentations with AirDeck’s design team

AirDeck’s design team is an incredible asset that you get the option to employ. Their team designed an exceptional webinar for us, which we then did the narration for. The platform is so efficient, we were able to create our own 90 second preview version in under an hour. Through this webinar preview we can capture leads who are interested in our sales motivation solution – a win/win in our book!

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