Joynd uses AirDeck to design repeatable presentations that they can easily edit and repurpose without losing impact.

Joynd Repurposes Presentations the Right Way with AirDeck

Joynd provides holistic HR integrations along the employee life cycle, giving employers the power to choose best-of-fit applications and vendors the opportunity to deliver. Using their pre-built, reusable, and highly-configurable connectors, Joynd provides the opportunity to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate with a multitude of vendors. Joynd uses AirDeck to design repeatable presentations that they can easily edit and repurpose without losing impact.

The Challenges

With vendors and HR professionals alike trusting Joynd Integration Managers to guide them through holistic HR integrations, the Joynd team knows how to help teams find more time in their days for high-value work. But internally, the team was struggling to create repeatable presentations that they could easily edit without having to repeat the entire production process.

For the Joynd team, this would make all the difference in helping them save time without compromising on quality.

The tools they were previously using to build presentations were clunky and untrustworthy.

Teams sometimes had to fight with recorded demos, being forced to completely start over from scratch when something went wrong with the system.

This slowed down presentation creation, wasted teams’ time, and prevented them from being able to smartly rinse and repeat their content.

To overcome these challenges and win back time wasted time, Joynd needed a more robust presentation solution.

The AirDeck Solution

An all-in-one document narration platform, AirDeck surprised the Joynd team with its host of capabilities that are at once highly sophisticated and easy to use.

Unlike other presentation platforms, AirDeck’s interface is intuitive with no barrier to entry. To create new content, teams simply upload any one of 210+ supported file formats, customize with unique audio and/or video narrations, and then send instantly with a secure link.

It’s the fastest way to add voice to any document, presentation, demo, etc. And because it’s so user-friendly, AirDeck’s interface makes editing and repurposing content not only easy but efficacious. Teams can easily manage decks and sort slides, reusing the bones of their tried-and-true presentations to efficiently produce new content that’s a sure-fire win.

How It Worked

By using AirDeck to design repeatable presentations and then smartly repurpose them, Joynd was able to overcome each of their pain points.

Simplified Editing Process

AirDeck’s simple but powerful interface enabled Joynd to immediately soothe their challenges with editing.

Rather than spending hours fighting with clunky software that made even minor tweaks aggravating, Joynd was able to use AirDeck to completely transform their existing content with just a few clicks.

For example, with most presentation platforms, editing already-existing audio recordings can be a nightmare, as teams have to surgically cut out some snippets here and add new clippings there.

That’s not the case with AirDeck. Instead, the Joynd team could swiftly subtract and add short audio clips on a slide-to-slide basis to make the edits they wanted without the hassle.

It’s just as easy to swap out videos, screen recordings, and surveys, too.

Because AirDeck makes editing so straightforward, Joynd was empowered to tweak and massage their content to perfection, customizing presentations to each client’s niche without having to eat up valuable hours in the day.

Reusable Material

With such a simplified editing process, AirDeck gave the Joynd team the power to repurpose existing material to save time without compromising on quality.

The key is AirDeck’s content libraries.

Once someone at Joynd creates a presentation, it’s automatically saved to their AirDeck library. From there, team members can easily go back to smartly rinse and repeat content as needed to build high-impact presentations in half the time.

Teams can duplicate an entire presentation to just make a few tweaks here and there. Or they can pick and choose select slides from a few different presentations to construct their new deck piece by piece.

By giving Joynd their entire history of content at their fingertips, AirDeck made content creation a repeatable process, enabling the team to continue delivering stellar presentations in half the time.

The Results

With AirDeck as their new tool for creating repeatable presentations, Joynd was able to overcome each of their pain points, which resulted in not only time savings but a better overall image for the company.

For the Joynd team, AirDeck became the cornerstone of their overview presentations.

These presentations are key to the success of the sales team, as they introduce Joynd to the world and serve as outsiders’ first look into who Joynd is and what they do. With AirDeck’s easy-to-use interface at their fingertips, the Joynd team had the capabilities to build high-impact presentations that helped them introduce the company with their best face forward.

In doing so, Joynd also leveraged AirDeck to make way for massive time savings.

By building quality, repeatable presentations that were easy to edit, Joynd was able to drastically reduce time spent creating and recreating scores of presentations.

The Future with AirDeck

As Joynd continues to support companies with HR integrations, they’ll continue to turn to AirDeck to help them easily create the impactful presentations they need. The AirDeck team is highly committed to their product because they know that it truly helps organizations deliver quality content in less time. It’s that level of commitment that impressed the Joynd team and made them self-proclaimed “total fans” of the platform, now and into the future.

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Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting
Size: 11-50 employees
Location: Orlando, Florida
Use Cases: Sales, Sales Enablement, Document Narration
"It’s always helpful sending an AirDeck out in advance of a first meeting…you’re not spending time going through a fifteen-minute deck on your call, you’re having a conversation."
Joe Weber
Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Joynd

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Joynd uses AirDeck to design repeatable presentations that they can...

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