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“Everytime we use it with a new customer, they’re blown away with the technology we’re using”


We help companies of all stages find sustainable alternative revenue streams and discover their ecosystem strategies. We have solutions and mentorship programs for every budget and phase of maturity.

Sales proposals with a voice

After our sales calls we’ll send over a deck to answer any remaining questions they had and emphasize main takeaways. AirDeck helps us communicate in a way that you wouldn’t just get in an email or powerpoint. It closes the deal fast every time.

Marketing videos

We use AirDeck to create interactive content showcasing our work at PartnerReady. It’s simple to embed the video on our website or blog.

On-demand webinars

AirDeck is also used to create on-demand webinars. It’s much easier than editing a full video and we can send it out to a much larger audience than if we were to do the webinar live. Anyone with a link can view it so it’s really easy to share it to multiple target audiences.

Internal communications

Another major use case of AirDeck is for internal communications with the team. I do weekly update meetings to share wins and successes throughout the week. And instead of just taking notes after team meetings we started using AirDeck to summarize what we went over and next steps moving forward. It helps keep our team connected and on the same page. Using AirDeck adds a level of communication that you don’t get when you just send an email.

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PartnerReady helps companies of all stages find sustainable alternative revenue...

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