Providence uses on-demand AirDeck presentations to empower their sales team to stay connected with their audiences.

Providence Builds Relationships Virtually with AirDeck

Providence is a comprehensive health care organization. Delivering services across seven states (Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Northern California, Southern California, Washington, and Texas), Providence is committed to touching millions of lives and enhancing the health of the American West to transform care for the next generation and beyond. Providence is a perfect example of how updating AirDeck presentations on-demand empowers sales teams to stay connected with their audiences.

The Challenges

Providence’s goal is to make health care services more convenient, accessible, and affordable for all. That all starts with getting their message in front of the right people and delivering it in a way that’s compelling, clear, and effective.

Even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing work-from-home constraints, accessibility was a challenge for Providence’s team. From internal communications to ultimate delivery by salespersons, presentations get touched by a lot of hands—and making sure they’re always accessible and available for viewing by whoever needs them isn’t easy.

Hand in hand with accessibility woes are editing challenges. Especially when it came to figuring out what to do in the event that edits needed to be made after the final presentation was already sent. Providence’s team either had to share a new version of the presentation, risking confusion and encumbering the process for everyone, or contend with the fact that their sales team was using outdated slides.

These challenges with accessibility and editing ultimately hurt the overall quality and detail of the presentation. But by trying to accelerate editing processes and soothe accessibility pains, presentations were getting watered down, and valuable details were taking a hit.

Providence has a powerful message to deliver, but getting it all in a presentation that’s still clear, concise, and compelling is easier said than done. To tackle these challenges, Providence needed presentation capabilities that went beyond basic slide decks.

The AirDeck Solution

To transform their sales presentations and overcome the challenges that were stifling their goals, Providence turned to AirDeck.

An all-in-one powerful solution for document narration, AirDeck proved the difference in helping Providence create presentations that are easily editable, richly detailed, and always accessible.

A real driver for the Providence team was AirDeck’s audio narration. AirDeck enables users to easily add voice and/or video to any document or presentation. Users simply upload a document or presentation and then add voice or video narration by recording right in AirDeck. They can also add a screen recording or upload a video.

This audio narration provides an instant connection to an audience when doing sales presentations, as it adds a level of personalization that simply isn’t possible with simple Powerpoint or Keynote presentations.

How It Worked

By leveraging AirDeck to build their sales presentations, Providence was able to overcome each of their pain points:

On-Demand Accessibility

AirDeck presentations are easily shared with a link for one-click access. With this on-demand convenience, AirDeck enables Providence team members to access sales presentations on their own time and on their own terms. Even in a work-from-home, always-remote world, Providence can have the confidence that their presentations are readily available to whoever may need to view them.

Real-Time Edits

By making presentations always accessible, AirDeck also enables real-time editing. Even after a sales presentation has been shared publicly, the Providence team can continue to make behind-the-scenes edits if need be. With the option to deliver on-demand updates to audiences, AirDeck gives Providence peace of mind that their audience always has the correct, up-to-date information.

A Higher Level of Detail

Unlike a lot of other platforms, AirDeck makes creating useful voiceovers for presentations a user-friendly process.

By leveraging this audio narration feature, Providence can add new levels of detail to enrich their presentations with compelling narrated slides. This is a boon for sales teams, who are always in need of new ways to engage their audiences. Moreover, because teams can record audio directly in AirDeck, they can focus on adding details to their presentations without undue technical complexities.

The Results

With AirDeck as their new tool to build sales presentations, Providence was able to overcome each of their pain points. This resulted in a big impact for the sales team.

Providence says AirDeck presentations help them develop strong personal relationships—even virtually.

One of the chief obstacles of working virtually is losing valuable face-to-face time; it’s just another obstacle sales teams have to overcome in a remote-work world. AirDeck lets them not just work around the issue but really work into it. By enabling their team to send out updates and sales presentations virtually, AirDeck empowers Providence to connect with their audiences wherever they are, whenever.

The Future with AirDeck

As Providence continues to grow and champion its mission of high-quality, compassionate health care for everyone, AirDeck will continue to be a valuable tool for its sales team.

The key to successful sales is building relationships—no matter where sales teams and their audiences may be. With on-demand access and easy editing capabilities, AirDeck has proven inimitable in empowering Providence to create high-quality presentations and develop personal relationships, even in a virtual environment.

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Industry: Hospital & Health Care
Size: 10,001+ employees
Location: United States
Use Cases: Sales, Personalized Presentations, Onboarding
"When you've got a group that you've sold to and they have hundreds of employees, getting everybody in on one meeting is virtually impossible. AirDeck allows us to have a high-quality presence that employees in these groups can go to whenever they need to get their information on their own time frame."
Ray Nelson
Sales Communication Specialist

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