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QTI is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides payroll and benefits to companies. Learn how QTI uses AirDeck to onboard employees and create personalized training guides.

QTI is a privately owned human resources and staffing organization, delivering outsourced HR, HR consulting, and staffing and recruiting services. QTI uses AirDeck to streamline its staffing onboarding services.

Creating on-demand onboarding guides

AirDeck is essential in our client and employee onboarding process as it allows us to create pre-recorded onboarding guides to send to employees so they can watch them when it’s convenient for them. We can walk them through payroll and benefits information without having to coordinate long calls or meetings each time. This is especially helpful in today’s remote work environment, but even when things return to normal, this method of pre-recording the information ensures that everyone gets the same message and that nothing is left out or forgotten.

Personalizing presentations to sales prospects

We use AirDeck in our sales process to engage new potential customers. We create a standard deck outlining our capabilities and then personalize it for the prospective customer. All we have to do is re-record an intro slide to recap what we talked about with the prospect on a discovery call and then send it back to them as a follow-up. This way, they can send it to other decision-makers in their organization so that everyone hears our capabilities, not just the person on the call. The ability to quickly personalize a deck has been extremely valuable in engaging prospects and shortening our sales cycle.

Training videos for job applicants

AirDeck is used in our job application process. Potential hires are required to watch our handbook video, which goes over company rules and important information they need to know. We also create various training videos on different topics that they are required to watch. All of this can be easily updated since it is recorded separately slide by slide. So if we have any updated information, we won’t have to re-record a long video.

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Industry: Human Resources
Size: 51-200 employees
Location: United States
Use Cases: Onboarding, Training, On-demand Presentations
"AirDeck has allowed us to explain benefits to new employees and prospective employees in a much more efficient manner that gives employees the option to have an on-demand resource instead of doing in-person meetings."
Mario Younger
Senior Specialist, Benefits Administration

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