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Saint Mary’s College uses AirDeck to create on-demand new student orientation programs.

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Saint Mary’s College uses AirDeck to promote its Professional MBA Program. Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) at Saint Mary’s College prepares the next generation of scholars, teachers, artists, and professionals.

Creating on-demand events

AirDeck has made it super simple to take what our Programs Directors already share at the live event – a PPT and turn that into an on-demand presentation. We have created these on-demand events for our Spring and Summer intakes. It provides graduate students with the flexibility to listen to them on their own time.

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Repurpose existing content

I always believe in making content work hard. I repurpose the NSO presentations and turn them into lead generation programs. I create on-demand Information sessions for prospects. Again normally these would be live (in-person or via Zoom). With the pre-recorded sessions, prospects get the information they need immediately on their time. It has resulted in 30 new prospects per month – just for our MBA program.

Student acquisition and onboarding

AirDeck is now a key tool in Saint Mary’s College student acquisition and onboarding offerings. Prospects and students now have access to key information on our degree programs when it’s convenient for them. AirDeck made it super simple to embed the presentation right on our site. What’s more, we didn’t have to create new content. We repurposed our existing PPT presentations and added a voice recording. Faculty found it super simple to use – especially those who are less technical.

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