How to Use AirDeck Analytics to Drive Sales Results

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Many of our users are creating AirDecks for sales and marketing presentations to convert leads and drive revenue. With the platform, you can market your business, provide an overview of your product, and generate new leads. AirDeck’s analytics allows you to track viewer activity slide by slide to unlock insights, tailor your presentation to a specific audience, and gather new leads.

Analytics in your sales messaging is critical to success. Without it, you’re simply taking a shot in the dark and hoping that your messaging is effective. With AirDeck you can see exactly what’s working and what isn’t to close deals fast and perfect your messaging.

Peter Baxter, managing director EMEA at Yellowfin, notes: “The inability to ask the right questions of data is often driven by a disconnection between data analysts and the business users or salespeople, which can prohibit sales leaders from asking the right questions from sales data at the right time. A lack of collaborative capabilities and the inability to combine sales data from one source with data from another are also common occurrences that prevent sales leaders from asking the right questions of their data.”

3 Ways AirDeck analytics can help your sales team

Let’s look at exactly how AirDeck analytics can help your sales team

1. Unlock Insights

Viewer analytics can uncover critical insights about your product and messaging. For example, say you send out a product demo with the different features highlighted in each slide. You can track viewing activity for each individual slide to determine which features grabbed the audience’s attention and which people tended to skip over. 

You can also identify attention span. If you notice people stop watching after the 5th slide, then you know your presentation is too long and needs to be shortened. 

When you simply send a PowerPoint, you don’t identify which part of the messaging worked and which didn’t. AirDecks analytics allows you to identify trends in viewing activity to target your messaging.

2. Tailor your presentation

Once you’ve uncovered these insights about your pitch or demo, you can go on to create a presentation that will capture your audience. Shorten it if needed, change around the slides, delete the content that didn’t get much attention, and expand on the content that did. 

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This may sound simple, and that’s because it is! You can do this in minutes. It doesn’t take much energy or time but it will provide huge outcomes.

3. Gather new leads

Once you create messaging that your target audience resonates with, you’ll start bringing in leads effortlessly.

If you aren’t analyzing the way you’re selling, you will miss out on opportunities. You’ll simply be guessing how your sales messaging is working. Maybe you’ll learn in the long run what is working and what isn’t. But that will take time and experimenting and you’ll be guessing on the whole presentation rather than knowing what specific selling points worked better than others. 

And we’ve seen the success achieved when companies value analytics in their decision-making process. 

As a startup, Airbnb achieved a 43,000 per cent growth in just five years with the help of analytics. 

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By using AirDecks viewer analytics, you can see exactly what is working and what isn’t. 

You might even reveal a new target base that you never knew was there. See which sites your decks were shared on and target those sites in the future to start gathering warm leads. With AirDeck’s geographical location tracking, you can also see which parts of the world are more interested in your content than others, and target your marketing to them.

Track users directly when sending out your deck by hitting “require name and email”. You’ll not only track trends but you’ll be able to track each user’s activity in your presentation. If you’ve got a large lead, determine what’s most important to them and focus on that when you talk to them next.

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So what are you waiting for?

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