What’s New At AirDeck: April 2022

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Presenter notes, simultaneous video and screen recording, bug fixes and more!

In our most recent update, we revamped our streaming features to allow users to share their desktop while also including a video overlay. Additionally, users can now add responsive presenter notes to any slide.

  • Want to have someone else record the audio? Write up a script for them in presenter notes.
  • Make personalization even easier with our new multi-stream feature

Add Presenter Notes To Any Slide

Presenter Notes Tool

With this new update, you now have the ability to add presenter notes to every slide! Create scripts, talking points, or even provide editing notes for your coworkers with ease.

Recording a video? You can change where on the screen your notes show up (top or bottom) so it’s even easier to keep your eyes on the camera.

Multi Stream – Simultaneous Video and Screen Recording

Have you ever wanted to share your video while showing your screen at the same time? Now you can! We’ve added the ability for users to show their video overlay while making a screen recording. All you have to do is select “Add to AirDeck” -> Choose “Create Video” -> Select Multi Stream.


There’s more!

Along with these major updates, we’ve also released other minor feature improvements and fixes to enhance your AirDeck experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Tools – Feathered edges on largest laser pointers.
  • ToolsChanged the move video icon to an arrow icon.
  • InterfaceVolume control extended beyond the tool panel was fixed.
  • Accessibility – Passwords were being required to view legacy decks (over a year old).
  • AccessibilityAdded hover tip to slide actions (3 dot menu) under Studio Tools.
  • Accessibility – Returned ability for users to decide whether to keep media when duplicating a slide or deck.
  • And more

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