What’s New At AirDeck: August 2022 updates

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We’ve refreshed our colors, added TEAMS collaboration, launched a new audio recording tool and more!

It’s our mission to make your work easier. That’s why we’re introducing our new color scheme to improve your entire AirDeck experience. We’ve also released new collaboration features and a new tool for audio recording. 

Refreshed colors

Here’s a peek at what the newest color update looks like! We’re always looking for ways to make your experience that much better. With new colors, you’ll be able to more easily navigate between items, find that tab you keep overlooking and more.

Collaborate with your entire team

Want to work together? You can now invite anyone in your TEAMS account you want to work on a project with. Don’t worry, you can remove them, too. As an owner, you can update everyones access to either “Can Edit”, “Can View” or “Can Share”.

Not a TEAMS user? Upgrade your account today.

Work Together Seamlessly

With our new collaboration features, you can know who is working on what and when. You’ll now see a small lock icon over the slide along with their account photo. You can also hover over it to see their name. 

Audio Visualizer is here!

We’ve added a new audio visualizer to make sure you never question if your mic is working again. You’ll know if you’re picking up audio & how loud it is.

There’s more!

Along with these major updates, we’ve also released other minor feature improvements and fixes to enhance your AirDeck experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Library – Added “Copy to My Library” button in the TEAMS library
  • Library – Added “Keep Original” checkbox when moving content
  • Misc. – Added alert for unsaved surveys
  • Reports – Users can now open multiple survey answer dropdowns at a time within the Reports screen
  • Studio – Added background uploading to the “Insert Slide” function to allow users to navigate AirDeck while a document is uploading
  • Collaboration – Added Avatar for Deck owner in Collaboration
  • Collaboration – Add hover text for Collaboration if non-owner attempts to delete deck or move a deck to TEAMS Library
  • Library – Fixed issue with folders not sorting alphabetically
  • Mobile – Larger Play/Pause Button in Mobile
  • Misc. – Removed notification showing “null” when missing information
  • Misc. – Default deck name in merged changed to “Untitled”
  • Notifications – Notifications on Custom Links now go to creator instead of deck owner
  • Studio – Added option to delete Deck when in Studio View
  • Studio – GIF uploads now working

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