What’s new at AirDeck: December 2022 Updates

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See your tagged items at a glance, know who is in your deck, and more user friendly profile and settings are here.

We love adding new features that make your user experience even better. That’s why we added light mode as well as additional organizational and collaboration features. Let’s dive into the latest updates that aim to give you a better platform experience.

See your tagged items at a glance

When you navigate to your Library view, you can now quickly see how your assets are tagged. Tags are displayed at the bottom of each asset card; simply click anywhere in that area to edit them. This helps you stay organized and aware of how your assets are categorized.

Know who is collaborating on your deck

Collaboration features keep getting better. While collaborating, you can now click the number to the right of the user thumbnails to display a list of all users on your deck. This lets you know in an instant who is working with you. Try collaboration for TEAMS subscribers.

User friendly profile and settings

We’ve updated the design of the Profile screen so it’s more user-friendly and easier to make changes to your accounts. Plus, we’ve separated the settings for your personal profile and team account. This creates more clarity when finding and updating settings.

Light mode is here!

Speaking of settings, simply navigate to your profile settings and scroll down to Preferences to switch Dark Mode off. Now you can enjoy your platform in light mode, which some users find more readable.

New and improved VU meter

We’ve improved the visual indicator when you record or play back your audio. Check it out and let us know what you think!

There’s more!

Along with these major updates, we’ve also released other minor feature improvements and fixes to enhance your AirDeck experience. Here are some highlights:


  • Library – Added persistent display of Tags on deck tiles
  • Profile – Consolidated Settings and Profile
  • Profile – Updated layout of Profile
  • Studio – Added VU meter to audio tool

Bug Fixes:

  • Collaboration – Resolved an issue with the checkbox in the transfer deck modal window
  • Studio – Updated preview icon to fix misalignment
  • Studio – Updated animation when saving audio to match color scheme in Light Mode
  • Library – Fixed text layout issue
  • Mobile – Resolved an incorrect slide menu behavior on mobile browsers
  • Studio – Enhanced standalone slide editing to be more in line with deck editing capabilities
  • Reports – Changed calendar time range default to “last 30 days”
  • Misc. – Security enhancements for SOC 2 compliance

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