What’s New at AirDeck: Product Update October 2021

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New screen recording tool, expanded uploading capabilities, hover displays, and more!

We’re constantly making new and exciting updates to AirDeck, and these new updates are more exciting than ever. Since our last product update, we’ve added screen recording, expanded uploading capabilities, map hover displays, and so much more. Check out these new features and give them a try in your next AirDeck.

  • Screen recording has been added to AirDeck – record, capture your video, and add to your deck with ease
  • Expanded uploading capabilities includes 200+ file types – upload your PowerPoint presentation, Excel or Word document directly into your deck
  • New map pins allows you to see where and what decks people have viewed – see how far and wide your reach will go with AirDeck

Screen Recording

In addition to recording and uploading your videos to your decks, you can now record your screen right within AirDeck. With just a few clicks, record your screen and easily walk viewers through proposals, create how-to videos or tutorials, and so much more. Choose the screen you want to record, capture your video, and add to your deck with ease.

New File Upload Types

Say so long to the days of converting your presentation into a PDF before uploading to AirDeck. Now with our expanded uploading capabilities, our platform will do the work for you. Along with the file types AirDeck already supported like PDF, JPG, and PNG, you now have the option to upload 200+ different document types like Word or Excel documents, Powerpoint presentations, and many others.

Hover Displays on Map Pins

Navigate to your dashboard in your AirDeck account and check out your updated map view – click on the map pins to see where and what decks people have watched. Our interactive map allows you to capture and see analytics about the location where your deck was viewed, the first and last time it was viewed, and what link was clicked. See how far and wide your reach will go with AirDeck!

Wait…there’s more!

Along with these major updates, we’ve also released other minor feature improvements and fixes to enhance your AirDeck experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Navigation – Users can navigate back to their deck and continue editing while uploaded videos are processing
  • Click to edit – Click and edit the fields in My Profile, Settings, Deck Titles, and Slide Titles
  • Deleting – A spinning wheel displays when deleting items
  • Laser Pointer – Use and record laser pointer with your embedded video
  • Video Overlay – Add video overlay with the click of one button

Give it a try

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