What’s New At AirDeck: September 2022 updates

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We’re back with even more updates. As you’ve probably already seen, we’ve been making a lot of changes but these aren’t just random, these are for you!

We take your feedback to heart, that’s why these updates mean so much to us. Whether we’re looking to improve your user experience, add in additional features or even adjust colors, you were the inspiration behind them.

We’ve recently renovated the entire AirDeck application to make navigating that much easier.

What do we mean?

We’re using ADA Compliance guidelines to make AirDeck more accessible for everyone. That all started with our most recent dark mode color change, but it won’t stop there. There are even more color changes to come – stay tuned!

Not only are we updating our colors, but we’re also improving the entire AirDeck experience. We’ve added new buttons to make it easier to add slides to your projects in studio, updated file upload screens to be more user-friendly, and improved deck tiles to be more organized and intuitive for users.

We’re not done yet! We’re also adding in an audible cue for recording audio so you know exactly when to start speaking.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s to come! Thank you for all your feedback.

Check out our changelog to see the full list of changes. 

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