Why links provide more security and versatility than email attachments

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How do you share documents and presentations with your colleagues or external parties? Oftentimes it comes down to sending an email with an attachment. But, this method has its drawbacks including lack of security, huge file sizes that get stuck in spam filters, and no way to correct mistakes after you hit send. There is a better way and it involves sending your documents and presentations via a secure link.

Links are the faster and more secure way to send your documents. But, we are often asked if links get caught in email spam filters. The short answer is they can. However, this usually happens when email links point to a suspicious domain or a URL that is flagged as fraudulent. This can also happen when an email software changes links slightly in order to track them. In this case, it is best to avoid using the URL as the link text because it will never match the URL behind it, which can trigger a spam filter.

At AirDeck, we work hard to ensure our domain remains healthy and has a <0.1% spam rate. This makes certain any AirDeck link does not look suspicious and doesn’t cause your email to end up in spam.

Now, let’s take a look at the five ways links provide more security and versatility than email attachments.

1. Smaller file size

An average person sends and receives 121 business emails per day (Campaign Monitor). When we are busy, it’s easy to forget to attach files to emails. Plus, too-large attachments may get stuck in your outbox and not send when they’re supposed to. Or even worse, your recipient’s email spam filters block the attachment completely. Enhance your emails with a hyperlinked presentation instead of a large group of files. This creates an easier and faster experience for both you and your recipient.

2. More security and control over sent files

When it comes to sharing documents, email attachments aren’t just slow; they can also be insecure. With custom sharing links, you can create different permissions for each viewer—which means you can revoke or change them at any time. You can also add passwords to your decks to keep them safe, or even create separate passwords for each link to ensure maximum security.

So, if you accidentally send an email to the wrong person, you can easily fix it. Simply revoke link access to make the shared link unavailable immediately.

3. Live updates

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling in your gut when you email the wrong version of a file. You can completely avert this situation when you share your document with a link. With real-time access, you can make edits to your content behind the scenes, and not ever have to notify your team or resend a document. Swap out or duplicate slides, toggle visibility, and add or delete content, all in real time. Cut the awkward “whoops, wrong file!” email follow-ups out of your life for good.

4. Seamless sharing

Want to send files over more than just email? Easily share your content with co-workers and friends over social media, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or text. You can also use your custom link to embed your document on any website, blog, or anywhere else you can post code.

5. Engagement analytics

Document sharing doesn’t end after you hit send. With AirDeck, you can stay tuned in to your content long after it leaves your hands with viewer engagement analytics.

With basic email attachments, you are left in the dark with almost no way to know how your audience interacts with your presentations or documents.

AirDeck provides slide-by-slide analytics, so you can track every second of every view, in real-time. This unparalleled insight into tracking and data analytics gives you an in-depth look at your audience’s behavior. You can keep track of all of your views, contacts, and surveys so you can compare deck performance and track overall engagement over time.

AirDeck turns your content into living, breathing sources of analytics, which makes document sharing a two-way street.

Share securely with AirDeck

AirDeck allows you to feel confident and at ease when you send your documents and presentations. You can rest easy because your documents are secure and won’t get stuck in spam filters. Plus, edit on the fly if needed so you don’t have to resend a document or email. Request a demo to see how we can help you level up your document sharing experience.

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