Why the competition begins after a sale is made

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With great veracity, sales professionals in the SaaS world will tell you that the competition in their space is fierce. There are constant pressures to show value, provide competitive pricing, wrestle with procurement and legal processes, and much more.

All true.

And why not? As Christopher Benitez at Startup Bonsai notes in a recent blog post highlighting the most critical SaaS stats:

“Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have sprung left and right. They’re everywhere now — and that’s actually a good thing. More companies are switching to SaaS solutions and integrating them into their workflow.
And the valuations that SaaS companies are getting today are off the charts. It only confirms that SaaS companies will continue to explode in the next couple of years.”

And what exactly has that meant for SaaS users? An explosion in the sheer volume of SaaS apps per company, as this chart from BetterCloud’s report from 2021 on the state of SaaSOps shows.

Now, many of these SaaS providers are smaller, niche players that play an essential role in their clients’ businesses. The problem arises within their client companies when they try to get the attention of the ‘owner’ of their application within the customer’s organization. Small SaaS players have to compete for the very limited time of their end users and often struggle with getting any attention at all.

This is devastating when adoption rates lag, use cases are not further developed, new use cases are not uncovered, and more. Ultimately this leads to the worst curse word in the customer success lexicon: churn.

The competition to gain the end user’s attention in companies flooded with SaaS provider CSMs also needing attention is overwhelming.

How do you stand out in this fiercely competitive environment?

Look different

One of the best ways to stand out is to literally look different. Everyone uses PowerPoints for QBRs. Everyone requires a long drawn out meeting for most anything. What if you had an asynchronous way to communicate clearly and often that stands out and gets results?

Communicate consistently

It is hard enough to get your customers to respond, or even pay attention, to your major points regarding your SaaS platform. Part of that problem is that since they are stretched for time they cannot interact consistently with their vendors. What if you gave them unique, 5 minute pieces of information that they can ingest on their time, at their speed, on a regular basis?

Bring real value

Customer success often struggles with delivering value which then makes them less important in their customers’ eyes. What if you had a way to survey your customer through the same platform that you communicate with, so they can tell you what they really need? This allows you to provide great value because now you can attend to their specific use case/need.

Be less intruisive

Let’s face it, people are burnt out on meetings. They are tired of the virtual equivalent of hosting house guests every single day all day. What if you were the vendor who got the most done but used the least amount of their time? Plus, you didn’t need to jump on a Zoom call for everything?

Stand out with AirDeck

We know that most customer success professionals want to accomplish all of the above but are struggling to separate themselves from the SaaS pack. At AirDeck, we created a way for CSMs to interact asynchronously with their customers using personalization at scale. You can add voice and video narration to over 120 file formats and survey customers from a single platform. Oh, and the messaging? Say goodbye to confusion about who got this or that email and who said something or did not. Your document is recorded which allows everyone to refer back to it at any time.

The next time you waste hours on a presentation that the customer no-shows on you can say “This could have been an AirDeck!”

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