Make your content more engaging with audio or video narration

AirDeck is a document narration & document sharing platform helping businesses deliver personalized content at scale. 

Easily add audio or video to any document or presentation, send unique tracking links, and view engagement analytics, all in one powerful solution. Fewer meetings, more results.

How it works

1. Create
Get started by uploading a document, presentation, image, video or over 120+ supported file types.
2. Narrate
Add voice narration or video to your document along with the laser pointer tool, and walk people through your content.
3. Share
Share a link or embed on your website with added document tracking. Use our custom link builder to gain viewer analytics and engagements.

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Easily share your content with more clarity and insights

With AirDeck’s narrated presentations, users can guide viewers to a clear understanding of content and value. Make your content more dynamic with audio or video narration. 

Less Meetings. More Results.

Our Features

Document Narration

Voice Personalization

Narrated slides provide instant connection to an audience when doing onboarding or simply walking someone through a complicated document.

On-Demand Access

Viewers can access AirDecks asynchronously on their own time. Fewer meetings, more engagement, better results.

Document Tracking

Track how viewers engage with your document, in real-time. View slide-by-slide analytics to learn their unique interests. Leverage the data to improve your content.

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