The most powerful document narration platform available

  • Personalize any document and presentation
  • Easily add voice or video narration 
  • Record/upload a video, screen record, and embed existing videos
  • Share via link, email, social media, and website embeds 
  • Track engagements and in-depth viewer analytics 

AirDeck Features

Enhance your presentations with voice & video narration

AirDeck is the fastest and easiest way to add your voice to any document, presentation, demo, onboarding guide, and more. Manage decks, sort slides, add audio and surveys, and upload or record audio and video. Easily share on-demand access without ever sending an attachment, saving you time and effort.

Fewer meetings. More results.

With AirDeck’s narrated presentations, users can guide viewers to a clear understanding of content and value. Users can share presentations with any audience on multiple platforms, quickly and easily. AirDeck is the most efficient way to communicate with effective results.

Voice & Video Personalization

Narrated slides provide an instant connection to your audience when giving presentations or simply walking someone through a complicated document. Add video overlays to your content to give it a personalized touch and increase engagement.

Share & Embed

Share presentations with any audience on multiple platforms, quickly and easily, with no attachments. Easily embed on your website, blog post, or landing page. Customize the permissions on each link and send personalized emails containing your deck right from the platform.

Lead Capture & Surveys

Easily capture leads or survey results directly from your slides. Immediately sync your gathered leads with your CRM to follow up with the information you’ve gathered and drive business outcomes with confidence.

Document Tracking & Analytics

Track how viewers engage with your document, in real-time. View slide-by-slide analytics to learn their unique interests. Leverage the data to improve your presentations.

Safe & Confidential

AirDeck presentations are secure, with documents that are easily locked with a password. Set different permissions for each link you create and provide access only to those with privileges. 

AirDeck Enterprise

Collaborate with your team

Create and share decks across accounts with AirDeck Enterprise. Upload templates to your Team Library for coworkers to use, transfer decks directly to teammates, and view in-depth analytics for your whole organization. AirDeck is the best way to work together on any presentation or document.

Team Dashboard

Easily access user activity and how content is performing across your whole team. Drill down into individual users and view in-depth analytics on their decks’ performance.

Team Library

With AirDeck Enterprise, upload the best-performing content to be used by every member of your team. Easily provide premade audio clips, videos, slides, or whole decks for your team to use. Transfer updated decks to your users and never have your content go stale.

Team User Management

Manage your active users from the AirDeck admin panel. Assign user roles, activate and deactivate users, and add users and licenses all in one easy-to-manage panel.


AirDeck easily integrates with your tech stack and the tools you already use. Sync viewer activity to your CRM, embed video content from other platforms, and receive notifications in your messaging tools.

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