Discover the Power and Flexibility of Narrated AirDeck Documents and Presentations

AirDeck makes it easy to add audio narration to presentations, then share those presentations with anyone. AirDeck works with PowerPoint, Keynote, and pdf files. Watch this narrated presentation to get a sample of the amazing presentations you can create using AirDeck.


Manage decks, sort slides, add audio and surveys, upload or record audio and video

AirDeck audio recorder interface

Add audio or video narration

Upload or record your narration (or video) one slide at a time. No need to worry about perfecting lengthy audio clips.

AirDeck even has professional voice-over actors and graphic designers to help you refine your content.

Slide sorter

Duplicate presentations and change anything you want without having to upload or record additional media. Show/hide slides as needed.

AirDeck Slide Sorter interface
AirDeck Video Recorder Display

On camera/desktop recording

Add a personalized touch to your presentations using a video recording of yourself. Include HD quality video for polished recordings.

Personalized content

Duplicate presentations and easily record a personalized intro and conclusion. Personalize and send out in minutes.

AirDeck Slide Sorter interface
AirDeck survey builder

Create Surveys

Create and insert surveys directly into your presentations. You can collect feedback, create polls, and questionnaires in seconds.

Share, Track and Interact

Share presentations, track viewing activity with advanced analytics and chat with your viewers in real-time

Share anywhere

AirDeck presentations can be shared via email, social, or direct link. You can even embed your presentations on external websites and blogs. No attachments needed!

Send high quality presentations without clogging your email outbox or annoying your contact with large file attachments. Upload, record, send. It’s that simple.

AirDeck Reporting Interface

Track viewing activity

Get immediate reports on who viewed your presentations, which slides they spent the most time on, and where they viewed it.

Chat with viewers in real time

Worried about not “being there” if your viewers have questions? AirDeck allows you to send messages to viewers and get important feedback in real time. Get a message notification to instantly answer important questions and capture big leads.

AirDeck chat
AirDeck Video Player

Full-screen viewing experience

Your viewers have the ability to advance through slides on their own or sit back and let the auto-play feature guide them through the presentation on any device.


AirDeck integrates with the largest file management platforms and presentation creation software

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