The most powerful document narration platform available

  • Personalize any document or presentation
  • Easily add voice or video narration 
  • Record/upload a video or screen record
  • Share a link or embed on a website 
  • Track engagements and viewer analytics 

AirDeck Features

Enhance your presentations with voice & video narration

AirDeck is the fastest and easiest way to add voice over any demo or pitch deck. Manage sales decks, sort slides, add audio and surveys, and upload or record audio and video. Easily share on-demand access without ever sending an attachment.

Less meetings. More results.

With AirDeck’s narrated presentations, users can guide viewers to a clear understanding of content and value. Users can share presentations with any audience on multiple platforms, quickly and easily. AirDeck is the most efficient way to communicate with effective results.

Voice & Video Personalization

Narrated slides provide instant connection to an audience when doing sales presentations or simply walking someone through a complicated document.

Share & Embed

Share presentations with any audience on multiple platforms, quickly and easily with no attachments. Easily embed on your website, blog post, or landing page.

Lead Capture & Surveys

Easily capture leads or survey results directly  from your slides. Follow up with the information you’ve gathered and drive business outcomes with confidence.

Document Tracking & Analytics

Track how viewers engage with your document, in real-time. View slide-by-slide analytics to learn their unique interests. Leverage the data to improve your presentations.

On-Demand Access

Viewers can access AirDeck presentations on their own time across multiple devices. Less meetings, more engagements.

Safe & Confidential

AirDeck presentations are secure, with documents that are easily locked with a password. Provide access to only those with access privileges. 

Team tools integration

AirDeck seamlessly integrates with your favorite team management tools. 

CRM integration

AirDeck integrates with your favorite CRM tools including SalesForce and HubSpot.

Video integration

AirDeck integrates with multiple video platforms to bring your content right into AirDeck.

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