What’s New At AirDeck: December 2023 Updates

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The AirDeck team is giving out some great presents for this holiday season! This month’s update is focused on making AirDeck more powerful and easier to use.

Introducing: AI Audio Cleanup (beta)

Try our new AI Audio Cleanup (beta) tool to automatically remove unintentional silence and filler words like “um” and “uh” from your audio recordings! Transform your audio narration with the help of AirDeck AI.


  1. On the “Audio” tools in the studio, click on the three-dot menu for your audio
  2. Select AI Audio Cleanup (beta) tool from the top of the menu
  3. AirDeck AI will automatically enhance your audio
  4. Undo AI Audio Cleanup if you’d like to keep your original audio

Add a custom subdomain

Pro and Enterprise users can now use a custom subdomain for all your shared decks. Ask your Admin to update the subdomain for all users under the Account tab in Settings.

Modern Design AirDeck Player Update

We’ve updated the look and feel of the AirDeck player on landing pages! The player’s controls are now less intrusive and auto-minimize after a short period of inactivity from the viewer. The transparent bars add a modern look and feel.

Other Notable Updates

Alongside the above updates, we also implemented the following changes:

Library update – Reduced the size of the header in the Library to increase available screen space and make Decks easier to access

Login – Updated flow for signing up/signing in to the platform

To see more information on these changes or view past updates, check out the Changelog.

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