We aim to revolutionize how we communicate.

AirDeck is the leader in document communication. We help you bring your documents to life. Through the use of audio and video, you can personalize, add clarity, and create an instant connection with your audience whenever you send a document.

From customer success and sales to human resource departments, we help teams add value in a way that resonates and rises above the noise.

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The Challenge

Workers share an average of six documents daily. Many of these need more context and lack clarity. In fact, document issues account for 21% of daily productivity loss. But, we didn’t believe another live meeting was the answer.

The Solution

We built AirDeck so you can bring your documents to life with audio and video narration and share asynchronously. This allows you to personalize at scale, add clarity, and eliminate unnecessary meetings.

Our Story

“We created AirDeck with a vision to bring clarity to complex documents and presentations. AirDeck originated in 2019 when I struggled to schedule live meetings with customers and prospects. I needed to communicate my documents in a different way that broke through the noise and captured attention. No one wanted more meetings, and an email attachment didn’t cut it.

AirDeck gave people the ability to explain documents with voice narration and video. Suddenly people responded to me. More importantly, they understood my message, and, best of all, a meeting wasn’t needed. We knew we were onto something.”

“At the start of the pandemic in 2020, we donated AirDeck to over 1,000 schools and universities. It’s a special feeling to help educators and students communicate their coursework and assignments with voice narration.

Today, thousands of companies and organizations use AirDeck to communicate and clarify training manuals, onboarding guides, pitch decks, contracts, and courses worldwide. AirDeck is revolutionizing the way we communicate in an increasingly remote world.”

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Our Culture

We believe people make or break a company. We’ve built a team of resourceful doers who never hesitate to lend a hand to a teammate. We also drink our own kool-aid. We not only love our product, but we use it every day. This is why we strive to create new features and improvements that translate to powerful benefits like time saved, deals closed, funding raised, more engagement – you get the point.

Our Values


We make sure what we say and what we do are in alignment. This is the cornerstone of our culture.


We’ve built a team you can trust to not only get a job done, but to do it with consistent kindness and respect.


We strive to always grow and evolve. This means we will make mistakes along the way. We work to continually learn from them and improve.


We bring energy and enthusiasm to our jobs and choose to uplift others.


We are supportive and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. This creates an environment where each person feels safe enough to make mistakes and be themselves.


We lean on each other and collaborate to bring creative solutions to any challenge we encounter.

Our Customers

Our Investors

We built AirDeck to change the way we communicate and help you take back your calendar. Our investors see the value and potential as well.

We are grateful to our team, partners, customers, and the immense support of our investors who share our goal to forge a new communication path.

Bring your documents to life with AirDeck.

See how you can communicate with more clarity and give your documents a personality.

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