FarWell uses AirDeck to enhance its internal communication and employee engagement efforts.

FarWell Elevates Employee Engagement and Streamlines Communication with AirDeck

FarWell, a flexible change advisory firm based in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializes in guiding organizations through developmental, transitional, and transformational changes. FarWell’s team of consultants focus on project management, process improvement, and technology implementation.  

FarWell Challenges

FarWell’s unique business model presented a challenge when it came to employee engagement. The company’s consultants frequently transition between projects and organizations. This makes it challenging to establish a strong sense of connection and culture among its dispersed workforce. Tiffany Andrews, Employee Experience Specialist at FarWell, addresses this challenge by emphasizing culture and engagement within the organization.

AirDeck Enhances Culture and Communication

FarWell found a solution to their challenges in AirDeck, which enabled asynchronous communication. The company implemented AirDeck for various purposes to enhance its internal communication and employee engagement efforts.

1. Team Meetings and All-Hands Meetings

FarWell uses AirDeck for its team meetings and quarterly all-hands meetings. Rather than conduct time-consuming live sessions, the management and leadership teams record their updates in advance with AirDeck. This pre-recorded content is distributed to employees to review at their convenience. This allows the actual meeting time to shift to interactive Q&A, which proved to be more efficient and productive.

2. Onboarding Process

FarWell also incorporated AirDeck into its onboarding process. A “Becoming FarWell” video presentation serves as a foundational resource for new team members. Tiffany customizes each presentation with a personal video to welcome new employees. This ensures the employee gets a warm and personal introduction. AirDeck’s template duplication feature helps streamline this process and saves time and effort.

3. Client Work

FarWell’s consultants found value in AirDeck beyond internal meetings. Some employees use AirDeck for client presentations and communication. This versatility demonstrates AirDeck’s effectiveness in both internal and external contexts.

Benefits of AirDeck

AirDeck provides FarWell several benefits:

Improved Efficiency

AirDeck reduced the duration of quarterly meetings from one hour to just 30 minutes. Since the team provides information in advance, FarWell optimized meeting time for meaningful Q&A and discussions.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employees appreciate the flexibility of AirDeck, and the ability to consume content on their own time. This asynchronous approach demonstrates FarWell’s commitment to respecting their employees’ schedules and contributes to higher engagement levels.

Data-Driven Insights

FarWell’s management team leveraged AirDeck’s analytics to gain insights into viewer engagement. They used this data to optimize the timing of their content delivery.

“We found most employees watch the presentation two days prior to the meeting. So, we stopped trying to complete and send the AirDeck a week early when people tend to watch them only two days before,” explained Tiffany.

The Future With AirDeck

FarWell leveraged AirDeck to address its unique challenges and were able to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being. The transition from hour-long meetings to 30-minute sessions and the improved engagement metrics demonstrate AirDeck’s value.

AirDeck continues to play a vital role in FarWell’s efforts to maintain a strong culture and engage its consultants. We are proud to help the organization succeed in its mission of guiding clients through change.

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Industry: Business Consulting and Services
Size: 51-200 Employees
Location: Madison, WI
Use Cases: Onboarding and Team Meetings
"Our employees really appreciate that we're conscious of their time. We shortened our quarterly meeting from one hour to a half hour. We get the information out ahead of time so we only need 30 minutes for questions."
Tiffany Andrews
Employee Experience Specialist, FarWell

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