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We all know how important marketing your brand can be. But finding new and engaging ways to tell your story differentiates your message from everyone else’s. With AirDeck, you can easily tell that story and elevate your brand above your competitors

Scaling your Brand

More Engaging Branding

You know how to make your presentations flashy, but are you looking for something to take them to yet another level? With AirDeck’s audio and video narration features, you can boost your documents and presentations and create even more engaging branding.

Scaling Your Message

If you need to pitch your message to an ever-increasing number of people, AirDeck can help you scale without taking up time. Simply build your engaging presentation in AirDeck and share it with whomever you wish. That’s right — with AirDeck, you only need to build a single presentation and ship it off as many people as you’d like.

Pitching Done Right

You know the questions your audience will regularly ask. You also know what you want to educate them on. Use AirDeck to craft the perfect pitch and answer those questions in the most succinct way possible. Eliminate confusion with AirDeck.

Over 120+ Supported File Uploads

Regardless of your chosen format, you can use AirDeck to enrich your marketing decks and boost audience engagement. Simply load your preferred document into AirDeck, narrate your presentation, and share it with each new prospect.

Tracking Your Message

AirDeck was built as a fully trackable solution. After you send your AirDeck presentation to a prospect, find out when they opened it and how they interacted with it. You can even try out multiple presentations and with help from AirDeck analytics, easily determine which version performs best.

Success with AirDeck

Top Tips for Social Media Marketing & Selling

Ramon Ray, Founder at Smart Hustle Media, shares tips for marketing and selling on social media.
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Not just another video platform...

AirDeck is more than a video platform — we’re a document narration platform that helps you personalize content ranging from presentations, sales documents, and onboarding, to agreements and proposals.

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