What’s new at AirDeck: July 2023 Updates

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We want to provide you with a more intuitive and personalized platform. That’s why July’s product update focused on personalized default settings, a way to track viewer deck shares, and some simplified processes. Let’s dive into this month’s updates that aim to give you a more intuitive and convenient platform experience.

Personalized Settings: Set Your Video Overlay Default

You asked, we delivered! Now, you can set your default settings for your video overlay shape, size, and location. This update saves you time and makes it easier to add video overlays in a predetermined section of your slide.

Track Your Shares!

If a viewer shares your AirDeck via email, you can now see that in your analytics dashboard and track the engagement. See how your content resonates and if it is shared with key stakeholders.

Admins Get More Transparency

We added a “pending” section for admin users to see which user was sent an invite. This feature gives you more transparency and makes it simple to resend user invitations.

Simplified: Create New Deck Process

Since most AirDeck users start a new deck by uploading a new file, we simplified that process. Now, when you click the green “create a new deck” button in the platform, you are automatically taken to the file upload screen. This creates a more streamlined experience. 

There’s more!

Along with these major updates, we’ve also released other minor feature improvements and fixes to enhance your AirDeck experience. Here are some highlights:


  • Studio – Video Overlay shape, size, and location can now be saved as the default settings for newly created Video Overlays
  • Player – Share menu within the Player has been updated
  • Player – Viewers can now share decks via email by clicking the Share button on the Player
  • Misc. – Added “Block Search Indexing” toggle to deck settings to prevent decks from appearing in search engine results

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