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AirDeck is the fastest and easiest way to add audio or video to any document or presentation

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Simple Solutions to Personalize Any Document or Presentation

No more deciding between video editing software or sending plain PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. Guide anyone through your presentation or document with voice and video. Create professional content in seconds, with the flexibility of video and the ease of editing slides. AirDeck gives you the power to narrate, personalize, and track your content, all in one powerful platform.

AirDeck audio recorder interface


Export your presentation to PDF and upload into AirDeck to automatically sort slide by slide.

AirDeck Video Recorder Display


Add audio or video with our recording tools or upload from an external source.

AirDeck Presentation Share Interface


Email or copy a link, share on social media platforms, or embed on your website.

AirDeck Reporting Interface


Get detailed analytics of viewing activity and uncover key insights from your viewers.

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Our Features

Easy Personalization

Personalize every presentation for your viewer in seconds. Quickly duplicate and toggle visibility of selected slides to provide a custom presentation.

Embed and Share

Add your creations to your website, blog, or landing page. Share on social media with just a click, or lock it all down with password protection.

On-Demand Demo

No frustrating calendar coordination, no live webinars or meetings needed. Let your audience view when it is convenient for them.

Viewer Analytics

Instantly know who’s viewing your presentations, and from where. Track every view of every slide the second it’s accessed.

Individual Slide Recording

Discover the convenience of recording each slide individually until you get it just the way you like it. No need to record your entire presentation all in one go – save it, leave it, and continue whenever you want.

Upload Audio and Video

Effortlessly upload already-existing video or audio files from your device. Whether it’s a custom intro song or a company jingle, easily upload and place it anywhere in your presentation.

Sales Follow ups

Send your leads a post-meeting recap after your call so they get all the information in an interactive presentation. They can share the link with their colleagues who weren’t able to join the call. Don’t waste time on follow up calls and close deals faster with all your information in one link

Secure Documents

Easily lock your presentations and documents with a password that you can change at any time. Ensure that only your selected viewers are able to access your content.

Real-time Chat

Connect with your presentation viewers using real-time chat functions, as well as custom surveys to keep them engaged.

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