Camtasia vs AirDeck

Screen recording and video editing give teams the power to streamline communications and improve everything from training to onboarding—both internally and externally. But finding a platform that can not only help you create quality videos but share them safely and with ease is a challenge. See how AirDeck compares with Camtasia and what makes our audio and video narration platform stand out from other screen recording software.

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AirDeck is a document narration and engagement platform that provides teams with the ability to collaborate, share, and distribute personalized content at scale. 

Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor created by TechSmith. Camtasia helps people create videos and images to share knowledge and information.

Compare AirDeck vs Camtasia

Adding video content into your regular workflow can go a long way in boosting productivity, streamlining operations, and even increasing customer happiness. By creating content that helps you inform, educate, and train as simply as possible, you can leverage videos to facilitate easy knowledge-sharing and help you communicate better and more clearly with your team.

But there is a catch.

A lot of platforms designed for easy video creation and editing have major roadblocks when it comes to sharing and security. After all, in order for your content to have a big impact, you need to be able to share it effortlessly with your team members, clients, and customers.

And it’s not just about being frictionless. Even as you aim to share your video content with just a simple click of a button, you must also pay attention to security measures. How well is your video content protected when you send it to colleagues, customers, and clients?

When it comes down to it, video creation and editing are about more than just the graphics—sharing and security are important factors to consider as well.

For video creation, editing, and sharing, Camtasia and AirDeck are two popular picks. Read on to learn more about each platform and see which is the right fit for your organization.


Camtasia is a screen recorder and video editor created by TechSmith. Working alongside TechSmith’s full suite of screen capture software and solutions, Camtasia helps people create videos and images to share knowledge and information.

With Camtasia, TechSmith’s mission is to make it simple for teams to record and create professional-looking videos on Windows and Mac. It’s designed to work in three steps: 1) Record your screen; 2) Add effects by dragging and dropping text, adding transitions, etc.; 3) Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.

Camtasia is available for individuals and businesses as well as educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations. For individuals and businesses, Camtasia 2022 is $299.99 per user. This includes the first year of maintenance; after that, it renews for $50.00 per year. Educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations can benefit from a slight discount. For educational organizations, Camtasia 2022 is $212.94 per user and renews at $42.94 per year. For governmental and non-profit organizations, Camtasia 2022 is $268.99 per user and renews at $44.83 per year.


AirDeck is an audio and video narration platform that empowers enterprise sales, onboarding, and marketing teams to deliver personalized presentations at scale—but it’s about more than just audio and video content creation. Alongside its premium video and audio capabilities, AirDeck boasts impressive tracking and data analytics, enabling teams to create, share, and analyze content with both ease and confidence.

Getting started is simple. Simply upload any one of the 210+ supported file formats, and then get to work creating by adding customized audio and video narrations.

Then it’s time to share, and AirDeck gives you options. You can tap into your address book and send your content via email, share it on social media, upload it directly to your site, or grant your audience real-time access with a custom link. Link sharing is easy—and you can have confidence that it’s secure, too. With AirDeck, you can protect the links you share with unique passwords. For maximum security, you can also set different permissions for each viewer (and change or revoke them whenever you want), set links to automatically expire, and disable secondary sharing.

Screen recording is a quick, efficient way to turn your basic content into videos. This has become an invaluable tool for organizations that are realizing that video content is a boon for both internal and external communications. Not only is video content simply more engaging, but it can also help you eliminate unnecessary meetings and phone calls—a win-win.

As teams incorporate more video content into their workflows, however, they must be sure that their screen recording and video editing platforms also have ample security prowess.

Schedule an AirDeck demo to see how you can use AirDeck to create and share videos that make an impact—all with the peace of mind that your content is protected with robust security.

AirDeck vs Camtasia Feature Comparison

Video record anything on your computer screen
Built-in video editor
Compatible on Windows and Mac
Share video content via YouTube
Add audio narration to any document
210+ supported file formats
Share video content via custom links
Securely share video content with password protection
Track audience engagement and behavior with data analytics

Engage Viewers with AirDeck

  • Narrate anything

    Record audio and video over any document or presentation and make sure that nothing is left to interpretation.

  • Share seamlessly

    Share your documents universally over the cloud, with no software requirements.

  • Track engagement

    Easily keep track of which viewers are engaging with your content and which might need follow-ups with AirDeck's in-depth analytics.

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