AirDeck Recognized as One of Tech Industry’s Most Innovative Companies

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AirDeck is proud to have been featured earlier this week in USA Today in a list of 15 of the most innovative and creative companies in the technology industry.

The list, which AirDeck led as the top-ranked company, included businesses that operate across a host of industries, including health care, short-term rentals, and fintech, among other industries. It includes a “Who’s Who” of up-and-coming technology companies and serves as a valuable resource for those looking for the latest innovations in the industry.

“AirDeck, led by Jason Weaver, CEO and co-founder, with serial entrepreneur Jack Phan, chief marketing officer, is leading the way in document communication technology,” the USA Today article reads. “AirDeck allows you to personalize any document or presentation by adding narration using audio or video.

“AirDeck revolutionizes communication with its asynchronous on-demand document-narration platform, providing advanced viewer analytics, engagement tracking and team collaboration tools,” the piece continued.

AirDeck was founded on the core principle that companies can revolutionize the way they communicate. In specific circumstances, including onboarding, sales, and in driving customer success, AirDeck has dramatically improved company operations and efficiency. Along the way, it’s created more profitable opportunities for its users.

“It’s impossible to fully illustrate the myriad ways companies are using AirDeck and arming their employees with a tool that makes them more productive and efficient,” Weaver said. “When I founded AirDeck, I wasn’t exactly sure how companies would use and leverage our technology. Now I’m finding that they use it in many more ways I could have even imagined. It’s really exciting.”

AirDeck’s use of analytics has also proven critical to its success. The company has found that customers often use the platform to measure interest in their presentations and documents, and gauge whether prospects are truly engaged.

“Our customers want insights and we deliver it,” Phan said. “Our customers have made it clear that they don’t get the level of data they want to understand their customers in other platforms. With AirDeck, they’ve found a solution.”

AirDeck is moving swiftly in a fast-paced environment. But one thing is clear: along the way, the company has proven to be the innovative standard-bearer for the technology industry.

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