4 Best Free PowerPoint Alternatives

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Create professional looking presentations – For FREE! Find a list of four best free PowerPoint alternatives in this quick guide.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has long been the go-to option for companies and consumers who want to create presentations. And why not? It’s easy to use, comes with a host of templates, and if you want to export your presentation to a PDF, PowerPoint can help you get it done quickly.

But even as popular as PowerPoint is, there are a host of alternatives available to those who may not like the idea of using Microsoft’s service. From cloud-based tools to alternatives you can get on a Mac, PowerPoint alternatives are easy to find anywhere and everywhere. But actually finding a PowerPoint alternative that can adequately replace Microsoft’s software isn’t so simple.

So, we’ve compiled the following roundup of free PowerPoint alternatives you should check out. The following apps all come with solid features, great designs, and most importantly, can create a PowerPoint-like experience at no charge.

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Apple Keynote

Apple’s Keynote software may only be available to Mac users, but it offers outstanding features for anyone trying to boost their presentations.

For one, Keynote delivers outstanding templates to build the presentation you want to create. It also includes the ability to add text, photos, and other multimedia content. Add that to the ability to include graphs and tables, and Keynote is a fine alternative to PowerPoint. Keep in mind, however, that Keynote is Mac-only, so if you’re a Windows user, you’ll need to find an alternative.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a cloud-based alternative to PowerPoint that works exceptionally well at helping you quickly build presentations. It includes the ability to edit text and images, of course, but comes with support for the full slate of Google fonts. Interestingly, Google Slides also comes with an Audience Q&A feature that lets your virtual attendees ask questions in real-time as you work your way through the presentation. And with the ability to publish presentations to the Web and use GIFs, it’s a great choice when you want to develop and share content in the cloud.

Zoho Show

Zoho Show is another cloud-based option for those who want to work in the cloud and build compelling presentations with ease.

The app offers the basic presentation-building features you’d expect, like the option to create different layouts, work off templates, and edit images. But it also comes with a handy image library for quickly adding multimedia content. And with additional support for shapes and a host of font options, you should be able to quickly add compelling content with the service. And since it’s running in the cloud, Zoho Show is easily accessible from any platform.


Visme doesn’t necessarily have the same brand recognition as the other alternatives in this roundup, but it comes with a host of features worth checking out.

For instance, you can count on Visme to develop compelling presentations with a host of attractive templates. If you’d rather go it alone with your own multimedia, you can use Visme to build a unique presentation, as well. The app’s menu pane is easy to use and comes with a host of graphics, photos, and other content to spruce up your presentation. And with a slew of chart and graph editing options, you can make for a more interactive and appealing viewer experience.

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