How to Ensure Your Sales Pitch Shines When Passed on to Decision Makers

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Picture this: You’ve just delivered an impeccable product demo to a group of stakeholders, but none of them hold the power to make the final decision. You worry your pitch will get lost in translation as the stakeholder plays a game of telephone to relay your message to a decision maker. Your “green light” to schedule a second call hinges on the ability of the stakeholder to retell your story as well as you did. You wonder if there’s a better way to preserve your sales pitch as it is passed up the chain.

In sales, it is common to find yourself delivering product demos to non-decision makers. While these interactions are crucial to pave the way for a successful sale, they are challenging to manage effectively. The real test comes after the demo, when you need to ensure your message is not only retained but also conveyed accurately to the decision maker. This is where AirDeck steps in as the game-changer that every sales representative needs.

How AirDeck Preserves Your Message

AirDeck understands this dilemma and offers a revolutionary solution to transform your sales game. With AirDeck, you can create a compelling, interactive, and fully customizable presentation that not only summarizes your demo but preserves your message in its entirety.

Here’s why AirDeck is the ultimate tool for sales representatives:


When you send an AirDeck presentation, you ensure that the story you want to tell remains consistent, no matter who’s sharing it. There’s no room for misinterpretation or missing key points.


AirDeck presentations are not your run-of-the-mill slide decks. They are interactive, engaging, and captivating. This ensures that your audience remains attentive and retains the crucial information.


Forget about scheduling additional calls to repeat your pitch. With AirDeck, you save time by providing decision-makers with a concise, on-demand presentation that they can access at their convenience.


Tailor your AirDeck presentations to suit your audience’s preferences and needs. Add personalized video messages or voiceovers to make your message even more impactful.


Track who viewed your presentation, for how long, and which parts they found most engaging. This data helps you fine-tune your approach.


Maintain a consistent brand image when you customize your AirDeck presentations with your company’s logo, colors, and fonts.


AirDeck presentations are accessible from anywhere, on any device, which ensures that your message is always within reach.

In sales, every moment counts, and every message matters. AirDeck empowers you to preserve your message when it is passed on to decision makers. This ultimately increases your chances of closing the deal.

Don’t let your carefully crafted pitch get lost in translation. Elevate your sales game with AirDeck and ensure that your message shines through, even when you’re not in the room. Try AirDeck today and experience the difference for yourself—because in sales, your message is your most valuable asset.

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