Creating a borderless world, where talent meets opportunity, and every company has the freedom to grow with the best from anywhere.

Why AirDeck recommends INSIDEA: INSIDEA’s mission is to help talented people anywhere have access to the opportunities they deserve. We help further that goal by helping job seekers deliver their resume in their own voice and captivate hiring teams’ attention. We are excited to partner with INSIDEA to help startups and high growth companies hire top talent remotely.

A platform that helps companies hire global remote talent like never before

INSIDEA revolutionizes the hiring process, eliminating job postings, interviews, and payroll concerns.

Instead, gain direct access to their pool of exceptionally skilled INSIDEA Certified professionals who are already on board. With immediate availability through a monthly subscription, we ensure your company’s growth remains seamless and stress-free.

Get 30% off the first month of an INSIDEA subscription.

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Industry: Talent Outsourcing
Location: San Francisco, California
Expertise: Outsourcing, Virtual Talent, Hiring
Get 30% off the first month of subscription

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