Pip Decks

Pip Decks are unique, confidence-boosting business toolkits: practical step-by-step recipes, coaching videos and templates that instantly upskill you and your team.

pip decks and computer

Why AirDeck recommends Pip Decks: The goal of Pip Decks is to help you ditch dull presentations and tell great stories. We resonate with that on every level. Pip Decks reminds you that the way you deliver a presentation matters more than the content itself. They are a great tool to help you stop winging it and become a confident presenter.

Expert knowledge in your back pocket

No one wants to run a bad meeting.

When your team is engaged, you’ll get a better end product, no matter what you are working on.

And anyone can run a great meeting. There is no more wondrous thing than getting into the flow and leaving people feeling empowered. It just takes having the right tools at hand, and the willingness to give it a go.

Pip Decks is the tool that will help give you the confidence to engage your team when you work together.

Pip Decks is for consultants, managers, professors and doctors. Designers, engineers, managers and CEOs.

It’s trusted by folks at the BBC, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Apple, Meta, Stanford University, and Lockheed Martin.

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Website: pipdecks.com
Industry: Business Toolkits
Location: Manchester, Cheshire
Expertise: Storytelling, Business Tools, Workshops, Card Decks
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pip decks and computer

Pip Decks

Pip Decks are unique, confidence-boosting business toolkits: practical step-by-step recipes,...

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