Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce uses AirDeck to build presentations faster and better engagement with a diverse business community.

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Optimizes Communication with AirDeck

The largest business support organization in Nevada, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is focused on helping Nevada businesses succeed to their maximum potential so they can create new jobs for the community. The Vegas Chamber prides itself on being the voice of Nevada businesses and helping to cultivate growth and success through passionate and effective advocacy. In their support of the community’s entrepreneurs and employers, the Vegas Chamber provides a variety of resources, including a full-time government affairs team, educational opportunities, and a network of connections and programming opportunities.

The Challenge

As the voice of Nevada businesses, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is tasked with supporting a diverse range of business owners and entrepreneurs, each of whom have their own unique needs and challenges.

This is where things can get tricky. The Vegas Chamber strives to tailor its approach and communication to every member. Ultimately, this requires a lot of presentation creation—building content, uploading and organizing content, and adding them to different decks as needed.

Years ago, the Vegas Chamber didn’t even have any digital assets when they got started. Since then, they’ve worked hard to build a comprehensive library in Google Drive with all the digital assets to support their onboarding and sales efforts.

But they’re hitting a roadblock. Maintaining all of this content solely in Google Drive proves a serious obstacle. Because the Vegas Chamber manages so much information and content, it really becomes a leap of faith that people will have enough patience to actually click through each file one by one.

Maintaining this breadth of content also presents challenges in consistency. For the team’s marketing professionals, ensuring a consistent thread across brand, design, and messaging often feels like an uphill battle.

And managing content is only half of the problem; sharing it with the community comes with its own challenges, too. For one, bombarding the community with text-rich content often asks too much of already exhausted attention spans. This leads to low engagement levels across the board, from sales to onboarding, outbound, and more.

The AirDeck Solution

To overcome challenges with content creation, organization, and distribution, the team at the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce has found support from AirDeck.

A document narration and document sharing platform, AirDeck helps the Vegas Chamber effortlessly create and distribute content at scale.

For the Vegas Chamber, the magic lies in AirDeck’s flexibility and simplicity, calling it “the easiest, most engaging thing.”

AirDeck gives the Vegas Chamber team the power to create assets and content that they can customize and repurpose again and again.

It’s made possible with AirDeck’s intuitive interface. Team members simply upload one of the 210+ supported file formats, e.g., a PDF, a PowerPoint, etc. Then they get to work adding voiceover narrations or video recordings to add visual and audio flavor to their content.

After content creation, distribution is streamlined too. Whether they’re working on sales development, onboarding, prospecting, or any other outreach, the Vegas Chamber can easily share their content with their community with a single, secure link.

How It Worked

By leaning on AirDeck for content creation and distribution, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was able to overcome each of their pain points to build presentations that suit their members’ needs and help engage their audiences.

Edit Easily

AirDeck makes it easy for teams to create, edit, and collaborate on content. For the Vegas Chamber, this means team members are able to develop and share presentations that are tailored to the specific needs of their audiences.

When it comes to outreach, everyone needs something different—different materials, different pricing, different content, different proposals. And weeding through all that information to create bespoke presentations for each audience can be time-consuming and arduous.

AirDeck makes it simple for team members to edit and repurpose existing content, e.g., deleting a slide here, adding another one there, rearranging the order, etc. With this streamlined editing, teams can be sure they’re creating presentations that only include the relevant info their audience needs.

Engage with Audio and Video

AirDeck doesn’t just help teams make content more easily—it helps teams make content that’s more powerful.

Text-heavy content is simply too much to digest. When you’re fighting to hold on to audiences’ fleeting attention spans, it helps to have a visual and audio impact. That’s where AirDeck makes the difference.

For example, when surveying members or otherwise questioning their audiences, using AirDeck helps the Vegas Chamber boost engagement levels. With AirDeck’s audio and video narration features, all it takes is adding a brief voiceover or a talking head to entice viewers to more deeply engage with a presentation and answer questions more accurately.

Analyze Powerfully

For the Vegas Chamber, AirDeck’s tracking and analytics capabilities also proved an untold gamechanger.

In AirDeck, the team gets access to personal dashboards, where they can track all engagement, activity, and audience behavior from every presentation they create and send with AirDeck. For example, they can see:

  • Who opened their decks
  • When they watched them
  • Where they watched them
  • How many times they watched them
  • Where they clicked within the deck
  • And more

In the past, achieving this level of analytical insight was a struggle for the Vegas Chamber—but AirDeck unlocked it all.

The Results

With AirDeck at the helm of their content organization, creation, and distribution, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce was able to significantly improve their engagement, pitching, and overall connection with their community.

For one, AirDeck has become the main means by which the Vegas Chamber connects with members and prospects. This is made possible with AirDeck’s streamlined and interactive interface for creating, sending, and viewing content.

AirDeck has also helped the team find new success with pitching. By making it easier to create presentations that are a custom fit for their audience’s needs, ripe with engaging voice narration and visual elements, AirDeck has helped the Vegas Chamber build stronger connections with their community when pitching.

The team is also empowered to find new levels of consistency across their content. With decks saved in AirDeck, the Vegas Chamber can create base templates and repurpose them again and again later, making brand and design consistency effortless across all materials.

The Future with AirDeck

The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce continues to evolve and improve itself to better serve its community and the businesses and entrepreneurs of Nevada. And as they do, AirDeck will continue to be their right-hand man for content.

In fact, the Vegas Chamber is already working on making changes to their monthly digital magazine so they can share it with their members via AirDeck.

From member outreach to onboarding and sales, AirDeck has and will continue to make a difference for the Vegas Chamber well into the future.

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Industry: Non-profit Organizations
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Location: Las Vegas, NV
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"AirDeck is a strategic way to really zero in on where you need to follow up with your contacts. It's a good way to strategically plan your time, and it saves your prospect time as well."
Deborah Makiri
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