AirDeck’s Killer Ingredient: Edit After Send

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No matter how carefully you checked your content, sometimes you have some regrets after hitting SEND. But with your presentation already on its way to your customers, there’s nothing you can do to stop it from hitting their inbox.

If you’re still sending content as email attachments, then this is certainly the case.

But if you’re sharing content with AirDeck, then you can always fall back on its killer ingredient: edit after send.

No Need to Panic

Everyone knows that dreaded feeling. Just after you press SEND, you remember that giant error in your content … which is now on its way to your customer with no chance of remediation.

It’s even worse when it comes to onboarding, as this error is usually on its way to dozens of customers’ inboxes.

AirDeck relieves that panic.

When you create content in AirDeck, you can effortlessly share it with your customers with one simple link, granting them direct, live access to your presentation without ever having to send an email attachment.

And by forgoing the clunky email attachment, you’re also forgoing the risk of any panic-inducing accidents.

A live link generated by AirDeck means you have the power to edit after sending—whenever and wherever you are.

Did you send your presentation with the wrong narrated introduction? Just reopen the presentation and quickly record a new audio clip. Did you send out a slide deck with an outdated video? Or maybe an old image? No one needs to know—and there’s no need to panic.

With AirDeck, even after hitting SEND, you can simply hop back into your presentation and make the update. You don’t need to send a new link to your customer, and they never even need to know you made a change.

AirDeck has your back.

Editing Behind the Scenes

Realizing you made a mistake after pushing SEND isn’t always panic-inducing, but it can still be annoying. Even if there are no grave errors to worry about, it’s normal to wish you could make a few tweaks and adjustments after the fact.

Maybe your team just got back to you with some new numbers. With a regular PowerPoint presentation, you would have already missed the window to make updates, which means you’d have to contradict your own presentation and update customers verbally come time of presentation.

But for CSMs using AirDeck, this is no cause for concern.

Instead, you can just jump into your presentation and swap out the numbers so you can be sure your presentation is always up to date and ready to go.

In fast-paced industries, company messaging is another factor that can often change on a dime, which leaves you at risk of working with outdated content.

If you’ve just emailed a Keynote presentation to your customer, then there’s no way to adjust the verbiage or make any adjustments to messaging from your team’s last-minute internal conversations. Or let’s say you do decide to make last-minute adjustments—then you’re forced to send an awkward email to your customers, sending them another email attachment with the new “final” presentation and asking them to make sure they reference the right version.

AirDeck allows you to circumvent these awkward moments.

Rather than creating new so-called final presentations and inundating your customers with near-identical email attachments, you can make all your updates behind the scenes.

Just jump back into AirDeck, edit and tweak as needed, and then relax with confidence knowing that your customers are always seeing exactly what you want them to.

Real-Time Improvement

Although it can definitely prove to be a lifesaver, editing after sending with AirDeck isn’t just about saving yourself from having egg on your face. You can also leverage this powerful feature to make smarter choices to improve your presentation.

Imagine you have a presentation that you’ve just sent to 30 people. Using AirDeck’s tracking and data analytics features, you can see that about half of that audience has viewed your presentation so far—and you can also get a look at their viewer activity.

It seems that one slide isn’t getting a lot of engagement. Maybe the slide layout is confusing? Maybe your text is unclear?

Don’t just sit back and watch. With AirDeck, you have the agency to make a change, even after hitting SEND.

In just a few clicks, you can open up your presentation to quickly edit that ill-performing slide. Maybe you adjust the layout a bit or add a new audio narration clip to better explain your point.

By allowing you to edit after sending, AirDeck makes your presentations living and breathing pieces of content. This empowers you to make tweaks and adjustments in real-time so you can be sure that your customers are always viewing the best you have to offer.

Everyone needs a second chance sometimes, and AirDeck ensures you always have the opportunity to make things right, even after hitting SEND.

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