Product Update: AirDeck New Features for June 2021

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Our team has been busy over the past few months continuing to improve the AirDeck platform. We’re excited to share our latest updates that include:

  • Improved Sharing Tools
  • Unique Link Generation
  • Gmail & Outlook Integration
  • Data Export Functionality

Improved Sharing Tools

The deck share menu has been completely reworked to be more powerful than ever. Quickly copy your deck’s default link, or grab the hyper-linked thumbnail to paste into your emails at just the click of a button. No need to do a screenshot and hyperlink your text – we’ve done the work for you! Simply use the “Copy Link and Thumbnail” button and paste right into your email.

Custom Link Generation

AirDeck unique link creation

With the new Custom Link Generation tool, you can now create unique links for your AirDeck that can be shared out and tracked individually. Get user insights on who is viewing your deck and all the engagement metrics for each link. You can add link expiration, name capture, and even assign passwords for each link. See how many views each link is generating and be in control of what you send out.

Gmail & Outlook Integration

AirDeck email sharing

You can now send from your own Gmail or Outlook email address right inside AirDeck! The newly upgraded Share via Email option allows you to connect your email service provider and customize the pre-populated subject line and message of the email. All you have to do is connect your inbox.

Additionally, you can upload your own list of recipients and email your AirDeck to multiple viewers, all while adding custom passwords or link expiration as needed.

Data Export Functionality (TEAMS only)

AirDeck Teams Dashboard

As part of our new AirDeck TEAMS plan, we’ll be releasing many exclusive features such as custom data export. The raw data from every deck can now be exported into a CSV or XLSX file, allowing you to gather all of your survey answers in one place, compare deck engagement times, or download leads to import into your CRM.

That’s not all – with the TEAMS dashboard, view all of your team’s statistics at once. Check out the number of decks your users have created and sent, their total view count, and how long they’ve each been viewed for. Furthermore, copy and transfer the most successful decks between every member of the team, making sure nobody falls behind.

More features are coming soon, so keep any eye out!

Additional bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Uploader UI enhancement
  • Share via Email enhancement
  • Chat UI bug fix
  • Active/Inactive user list bug fix
  • Spinning loader graphic bug fix
  • Notifications bug fix
  • TEAMS dashboard bug fix

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