What Is Zoom Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Zoom Anxiety Illustration

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What is Zoom anxiety? Learn how to deal with video anxiety and the steady stream of Zoom calls using AirDeck.

Zoom Anxiety Illustration

How to Deal with Video Anxiety and the Steady Stream of Zoom Calls

In a world where Zoom calls are commonplace, video anxiety quickly follows. And yet, as we toil away on Zoom calls, trying to look our best and stay focused on the others on video, we seem to forget there’s a better way to communicate — and reduce our anxiety.

Before we can discuss how to address video anxiety, we first need to define it.

What is Zoom Anxiety?

According to a survey from presentation specialist Buffalo 7, Zoom anxiety is “a feeling of panic when asked to jump on a video call.”

Jumping on a steady stream of Zoom calls each day creates anxiety in us. Think of the times you’ve been on back-to-back Zoom calls critical to your work and require your attention throughout the period.

Compared to more traditional meetings, video calls often create problems. For example:

    • Tech and audio problems
    • Difficulty communicating ideas or making yourself heard
    • Difficulty reading people’s body language
    • Unexpected or back-to-back calls that interfere with your workflow
    • The possibility of a child, pet, child, or a partner entering the room unannounced
    • Not having time to prepare before a video call
    • Worries about your appearance or an unprofessional background
    • Needless to say, there’s plenty for you to think about — and worry about.


Relieve Zoom Anxiety with AirDeck

Zoom is the de facto method for communicating remotely. The only problem is, it creates a ton of video anxiety that doesn’t let up until you break away from Zoom.

As terrible as a full day’s worth of Zoom calls may be, there is a solution! AirDeck can reduce your video anxiety and go a long way in making you more productive throughout the day.

At the core of the AirDeck experience is recording audio or video and attaching it to a presentation, PDF, or another document. The asynchronous nature of AirDeck means you can tell others you don’t need to hold a Zoom call to discuss your pitch deck or provide a presentation.

Instead, you can simply send people your AirDeck presentation, complete with your audio or video narration. This approach allows them to view it on their schedule.


After using AirDeck, you might quickly discover that a full slate of Zoom calls makes little sense. Sure, sometimes, you need to communicate in real-time with others. But do Zoom calls require a live conversation? We bet you’ll quickly find they don’t.

With AirDeck, you can communicate in the same way. For example, you can share your insights, move towards regaining your day — and reduce zoom anxiety.

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