Here’s What Customer Onboarding Looks Like with AirDeck

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Customer onboarding can be a complex process. From creating compelling content to hosting presentations, guiding customers from A to Z to educate them on what your company has to offer isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

The best Customer Success Managers (CSMs) are always tweaking their road map, trying to find new ways to onboard customers for greater efficiency, performance, and results.

Adding AirDeck into the mix is what changes the game. Here’s how:

Content That Hits Different

No matter which way you slice it, the onboarding process always involves a steady stream of presentations. For most teams, this means stacks of PowerPoint decks that must be presented again and again to scores of new customers.

Because you have so many customers to reach, there’s simply not enough time to create a lot of diverse content, leaving you with maybe a handful of generic, staid presentations that may inform your audience of your company’s product and/or services but that certainly don’t surprise or delight them.

With AirDeck, you can create content that hits different.

For example, AirDeck’s audio and video narration capabilities mean you can create content that feels more like a conversation than a lecture. A powerful document-narration platform, AirDeck is the fastest and easiest way to add your voice to any document, presentation, demo, and more. By lacing your content with audio and video narrations, you can take your customers through an onboarding process that they won’t get anywhere else.

It doesn’t stop there.

By adding built-in surveys and screen recordings, you can leverage AirDeck to completely transform your basic PowerPoint presentations or Keynote slides into engaging, interactive content that both educates and delights your customers from the first click.

Presentations That Speak for Themselves

Another part of onboarding that takes up most of CSMs’ days is scheduling and hosting meetings.

Even when you make custom content, there’s still usually basic information that you need to deliver to every customer no matter who they are, and this can make your onboarding meetings monotonous and repetitive.

All in all, the onboarding process can be very time-consuming. Besides spending time scheduling each individual meeting and then hosting them, you also invariably waste an exorbitant amount of time just sending out your presentation materials, i.e., painstakingly sending dozens of weighty email attachments.

AirDeck completely reinvents this process by empowering you to create presentations that speak for themselves

By leveling up your presentations with audio/video narration, you eliminate the need for in-person meetings—or even Zoom meetings. Instead, you can simply share your presentations with your customers to watch on their own time, whenever and wherever they want.

It’s a win-win. With AirDeck narrated presentations, you not only give your customers more engaging content, but you remove redundant meetings from your schedule.

And sharing your AirDeck presentations is a breeze. With the ability to share your content via link, social media, or website embeds, you can avoid dealing with cumbersome email attachments and give your customers instant access in one simple link.

Analytics That Make You Smarter

In most onboarding processes, once you hit send, you reach a bit of a dead-end.

If you’ve just sent a basic slide deck as an email attachment, there’s no way to track and analyze your customer’s activity. Sure, you may be able to see when they’ve opened your email, but their activity within your PowerPoint remains a mystery.

How many times did they watch your presentation? Which links did they click on? Which slides did they view the most?

AirDeck gives you all of the answers.

With AirDeck’s slide-by-slide analytics, you can track how viewers engage with your document in real time to see exactly who’s clicking where and when. This helps you dive deeper into understanding your customer base to learn their unique interests—information you can’t get with a basic slide deck.

It’s these analytics that make your onboarding process smarter.

With powerful data at your fingertips, you can not only stay tuned in to your customers’ preferences but keep pace with them, editing your presentations based on real, viewer-driven data to keep improving over time.

When it comes to your onboarding process, AirDeck takes the mystery out of the equation, giving you the hard data so you can work smartly to deliver powerful results.

From content creation to delivery and presentation to analytics, customer onboarding looks different with AirDeck—the only tool that empowers you to do more in less time for better results.

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