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How to convert and upload presentations to AirDeck

To upload a presentation from PowerPoint, KeyNote, Google Slides, or another slideshow program, you first need to convert it to a PDF format. Converting your presentation from its original format into a PDF makes sure that your content stays preserved during the upload – no font, picture, or sizing mishaps. Follow along with these few steps to get your presentation uploaded into your AirDeck portal, and start creating!

Steps to Convert and Upload

  1. First, navigate on your device to your presentation that you want to upload. Open it up with the slideshow program it was created in – PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides are a few common examples..
  2. In PowerPoint, click “File”, then “Save as.” Under the title of your presentation, click the drop down bar that says “PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx)” and instead select “PDF (*.pdf)”. Choose the location where you want to save the PDF presentation, and click “Save”. If your presentation was made in Keynote, click “File”, then “Export To” and “PDF”. Finally, if using Google Slides, click “File”, “Download”, then “PDF Document”.
  3. After you’ve converted your presentation into a PDF format, open your AirDeck portal. Then, click the green Upload button, and “Choose a local file”.
  4. Navigate to where you’ve saved your PDF presentation, and select it.

After a brief loading screen, you’re done! A preview image of your presentation’s title slide will appear in your portal, alongside any other presentations that you upload at a later date. You can edit, duplicate, customize, or delete your presentations at any time through the AirDeck portal.

Need help adding audio to your presentation after uploading? Click here to read our blog on recording or uploading audio to your decks.

Interested in the perks of using PDF over other formats? Check out this blog post by the Adobe Document Cloud Team on the Top 10 Reasons To Use PDF Instead of Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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